Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Grief

So, it's been almost a year but not quite. That's just depressing. We haven't posted here forever, and we actually have good excuses! We've been busy doing the following things and more:

  • going on aforementioned cruise
  • buying a house in springville
  • tearing down wallpaper in and painting our house in springville
  • traveling (Texas, Seattle, Vegas)
  • making a baby (due in July)
  • working (Jamund's still at Marketecture, I work at UVU)
  • dreaming about getting an alpaca...
  • buying a new dyson vacuum (actually, a refurbished dyson vacuum-- just came today!)
We are pretty happy. I feel like an old person sometimes, except that we're still in a BYU singles ward, despite being married and pregnant.... Jamund is in the Bishopric. I suppose I feel old because I knit, clean my house a little bit each day instead of everything in one day, eat oatmeal, know how to use a sewing machine (not well), have an IRA, watch "Biggest Loser," and because I teach kids at UVU who don't know what "vernacular" or "inherent" mean (even though I very well might be younger than them). Living and working in Utah is strange. We plan to home school if we are still in Utah when baby is 5.

Anyway, that's enough of an update for now. Here is a photo from Rome. We had just seen a sketchy dude with a bunch of ladies purses in an alley way. Nice.:

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