Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...and baby means no $

This photo has nothing to do with anything, really, but it is one of my favorite photos from Christmas 2009 in Seattle. Jamund's dad made Nancy, their cat, a Christmas stocking.

Needless to say, Nancy could've cared less. She did look at it for about 10 seconds before walking away.

The real subject of today's post is finances. I am trying to surreptitiously procure "extra" funds from our budget each month to buy necessary baby items, such as a car seat, eco-diapers (, baby slings for me, etc. Jamund, however, keeps thwarting my plans by buying computer books and taking his LEED green associate exam this month!

It is all very frustrating to me that our "allowance" budget is used up by books and exams, especially since I would also like to buy some new clothes so I don't look ridiculous while pregnant. Jamund thinks we should rearrange the budget to include an allotment for baby. Good idea, except that our budget is pretty solid with set bills and proven expenses from month to month, and adding another budget category would either mean significant downshifts in set categories or going slightly over what we earn (bad).

We do have a good savings, though. Maybe having a baby is one of those things for which you really should use your savings... Either that or Mom and Dad need to visit us before baby arrives!


  1. Wow. You and Matt are clones. Aren't you going to have a baby shower? Why don't you think up a "wish" list, and perhaps your sisters and I can get together to see what we can do! You know we have a TON of baby stuff Kari. We'd love to help. I have no clothes left though, I happily gave those away! -H

  2. Haha. We might not look alike, but Matt and I definitely are related! I like to make a fuss about the budget when we are actually fine. It keeps me from overspending. I did buy some good pregnancy clothes after writing this post!