Friday, March 26, 2010

Expensive Tastes

So, if I had a $1,000 hanging around, here are the two things I would buy:

1. A Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel (roughly $622).

I have been using one of these for approximately 1.5 hours the last 2 Thursdays. Lovely. I was trying to figure how long or how many balls of yarn it would take to make up the cost of the wheel when I realized that I could probably never make up the cost of the wheel. Having to buy the roving (wool) or the actual fleece and then make it into yarn via the wheel will likely always cost more than buying yarn (especially if you're going for acrylic, which is so cheap).

Basically, it is an expensive hobby (which is quite relaxing, though). Until we have an alpaca farm, I might have to put my spinning wheel dream on hold.

2. A used European baby pram (current classified price: $175).

I had no desire to get a pram until this morning, when I was browsing classifieds looking for cheap strollers. Then I found a more expensive and less-practical-in-the-long-run pram! Sign me up!

But really, most strollers aren't supposed to be used for infants until they are about 2-4 months old (unless they work with the infant car seat, but we are planning to get a convertible car seat, thus spoiling that plan). Baby comes in July, so we would miss the prime "going on walks with a stroller" months waiting for baby to get big enough to fit in a normal stroller.

The pram solves this problem. Plus, it is so dang cute and European.

Now where is my spare $1,000?

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