Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Jamund is proud to announce that he passed his LEED test today, making him a "LEED Green Associate." No one is quite sure what that means, but it will help him if he ever tries to apply to an environmental job. Also, it satisfied his desire to go back to grad school. Congrats Jamund!

To celebrate, we went to Art City Trolley where I ate far too many chips with and without dip and a mediocre quesadilla.

Also, I made this yesterday:

My favorite holiday is Easter, and I thought I ought to have an Easter wreath with the little fake eggs on it. So I made it for a mere $11.07.

Also, Heather requested a baby wish list. Here is our baby registry link if anyone is interested: Target Registry

Thanks friends!

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  1. This wreath is absolutely adorable. Congratulations to Jamund!