Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is our lives everybody. T

We had a really nice day yesterday doing baptisms at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and eating nice marzipan treats we purchased later at Ikea. I've been working on my computer nerd blog at and said yesterday that "facebook is dead-book to me" now after mainly giving up the service primarily in favor of Twitter and / or not using the Internet. But blogging is still nice. Our house is still nice. The weather was acceptable for two days and I used them mostly to study for my LEED test, which is coming up this next Tuesday. If all goes well I'll be doing super fun environmental consulting and walk away from the world of computer stuff in no time. We'll see how that goes. Mainly I have been listening to a lot of Mates of State, Hey Marseilles, and Set Your Goals lately. Oh Kari is going to publish a book soon. Still trying to help get that pushed along. I'm really proud of her! Yeah, it's Sunday and I may or may not have been working on business plans with James during elder quorum also I did eat (nearly) all of baby's crackers during our family history class (see previous post). On Sunday's we usually call our family. I already called mine, but it's Kari's turn to call hers. Also, Lauren and Collin are coming over for dinner. I think they're engaged or something, though they've been that way before. Either way though it's cool they're fun!

Here's to hoping for more friends and pop-punk and babies this summer!

-- Jamund X. Ferguson

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