Friday, March 19, 2010

The Week in Hindsight

It's "spring break" at UVU right now, which means that I didn't have to teach on Wednesday and Friday (today). Luckily, the weather has also been lovely—resulting in my doing yard work the past two days. I have been raking, weeding, pulling up dead plants, and even trying to prune some gnarly and out of control pear trees. A little ambitious for a pregnant woman.

I also got to go to my wool spinning class last night, where I spent roughly 2 hours listening to ladies talk and spinning wheels hum. It was actually lovely, even though I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to buy juice after the class ended. I blame pregnancy.

This photo is of Jamund attempting to use a drop spindle to spin wool (rather than a spinning wheel):
Yesterday also involved a trip to the library. I got a baby French CD and a French tape set. We want our babies to learn French, which is really silly since neither one of us speaks French. I am secretly terrified of the language, ever since discovering that you can't really pronounce anything by the way it is spelled. Now I must overcome that fear. Any tips?

The plan today is to go to the Mount Timpanogos temple (near Jamund's work) and then meet him for dinner at DP cheesesteaks in American Fork. Date night has never been classier...

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