Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome Jep!

Today we made it up to Salt Lake for some good friends, fine art, and tasty Japanese Food.

We started off in a snow storm through the foggy freeway and finally found our way to the Church History Museum. It closed at 6:30, we arrived at 6:25 and Kari used her charm to keep them open long enough to purchase a Glice print of Christ in the Red Robe by Minerva Teichert while I was driving around the block and making illegal U-turns. The painting is lovely. Our babies will like it.

So finally we headed over to Koko Kitchen on 700 S and 300 E for some tasty Japanese food. I had tofu curry and Kari had the Teriyaki chicken plate. Once it was in my tummy I was very content. It was the best meal I have ever eaten there. It was so delicious.

Afterward we headed over to the airport where we intercepted our good friend Paul Jepsen on his way to California (reportedly, to propose to his lovely girlfriend). It was very good to see Paul! When he first saw me he was so shocked that he couldn't speak for moments. After said moments he did speak and I welcomed him into the United States of America. He was very grateful and we quickly chatted about all things. He was shocked that we had to pay to have a baby, but did say his tax bill is about the same as our insurance bill. Paul is from Denmark and we were buddies from the old mission days of England. I love him, he is a good friend! You know the kind where you see them after 2 or whatever years and it's the same as before. 

Here is a picture of when we built a robot for a zone meeting presentation:

-- Jamund

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  1. Jamund! Thank yo uso much for the amazing welcome. We have now booked for Friday June 25th so you can plan if you are able to come at all. It was so good to see you after soo very long and although I was quite tired I really enjoyed our little meeting in SLC. Talk to you soon and thanks for reading the blog! Thank you so much for going out of your way like that.