Friday, April 30, 2010


I am eating macaroni and cheese for the... um... fourth time this week?

I made two boxes of some "organic" mac'n'cheese on Monday, and that provided 3 days worth of lunches. Today I made some more (not organic).

Even though I shouldn't, I love the stuff. Mom gave me about 10 boxes of it when we went to Vegas last weekend, and we are at the point where our refrigerator is pretty bare (end of month, grocery budget gone).... so...I get to indulge my love without feeling too guilty.

Jamund had the leftover cheese risotto today for lunch. Basically, it was like a deliciously glorified mac'n'cheese—since it's basically just rice instead of mac and white powdered cheese mix instead of orange (although my organic mix had white cheese).

Yeah, we are healthy right now....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 29, give or take a day

Today marks week 29 out of 40. We took the following photos last night after watching "The Celebrity Apprentice" on hulu. Ironically, the episode we saw was of the celebrities doing an exercise class. This is ironic not just because I am really large and pregnant, but also because I use a prenatal exercise DVD taught by Summer Sanders and her trainer. Summer is on the Celebrity Apprentice this season, and you'd think she would've won for best workout, but no, Sharon Osbourne's team won for their rocker workout.

I guess it is true: slightly ridiculous workouts with the lead singer of Poison might be more profitable and exciting than workouts with Summer Sanders and Curtis Stone. Speaking of which, I need to exercise. Yes, it is noon here and I still haven't exercised or showered. Dang it.

Anyway, pictures:
Jamund's only showing a little bit. ;)

Vegas Trip

This last weekend we decided to go to Vegas for Jamund's birthday and to get out of Utah at least once before the baby is born. I am proud to say that I didn't have to stop more than once (as is normal for us) to use the facilities.

Jamund, however, veered off the freeway in Beaver, UT, upon seeing a billboard for "cheese curds." He was so excited and drove miles into this small town whose fame (in my knowledge) extends only to having cops patrolling I-15 around its vicinity. In my college days, we were always wary when we approached Beaver while driving to or from Vegas.

Anyway, we eventually made it here:

Note the "Closed" sign in the window. This resulted in:

However, we eventually made it to Wendy's and got Jamund some spicy chicken go wraps, which sort of made up for not getting cheese curds. But not really.

The next day we ventured down to the Las Vegas Strip where we had a delicious lunch at our favorite restaurant, the Grand Lux. We then went to the Bellagio to see the gardens.
I loved the rose snails the best.
Jamund, however, loved the touch screens down the road the best:
The new City Center in Vegas is pretty sweet with its technology and architecture. The first photo is the shopping directory, and the second (above) is a touch screen menu for one of the restaurants at the Aria hotel. We also were enthralled by this art installation at City Center:
However, nothing on the Strip made Jamund as shocked and amused as this fine establishment near a gas station in Henderson:
You never know what you will see while in Vegas!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Party Goodness

Today Kari and I went to Happy Sumo with our good friends Neil and Sherisa (sp?) I was excited that Neil has been doing some iPhone app development. Pizzeria 712 tomorrow night for a couple dinner. 27 on the 27th! p.s. Kari is so pregnant (and cute)!

More updates soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I peeked outside the front window to see if the rain had drowned our newly planted pansies, only to see two dudes walking to the front door. Freaky timing, right? Anyway, I of course ran away and let Jamund open the door.

They claimed to be from the Boy Scouts and wanted $5 to wash, not our cars, but our garbage can.

Needless to say, Jamund got scammed into a $5 garbage can wash.

Who washes garbage cans?!?!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Delicious, Tasty, Pretzels

Last night we watched the Princess and the Frog and Kari decided to make these delectable treats! Sugar and Cinnamon pretzels. Life couldn't get any better. We had a lot of fun with these, but as you can see we did fight over them a little. Anyway, I think there are a few left.

I think I'll have two!

Where'd the other one go?


There it went!

A Day Out In the Yard (in Photos)

We bought many pretty flowers (and 6 bags of dirt)

We built a compost bin!

I then tried to transplant some of the beautiful tulips growing randomly around our house to the garden island with mixed results:

Look at the beautiful poppies!

Kari pretty much weeded, dug, and planted for 5 hours

All in all it was a very successful day!

My wife is amazing!

- Jamund

Friday, April 9, 2010

bread and belly. not jelly.

The Zopf, in its egg yolk covered glory:

My belly (week 26 out of 40), in its maternity shirt covered glory:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Update

So, we aren't too exciting, but I did finally go to the doctor after a month of not having insurance due to Jamund switching jobs (from the rather unstable and sketchy Marketecture to Media Rain). I am measuring big on the belly (28 centimeters instead of 26). We think Simon will come earlier than the due date.

We need to take more pregnant belly photos.

Other than that, here are some Easter photos. We don't yet have cute photos of babies with Easter baskets and on egg hunts, but I did do a stellar job of hiding Jamund's basket in the guest shower-- he even looked in the shower and walked away because he didn't see it initially. I thought I was so clever.

The next photo may explain why my belly measured 2 centimeters more than it "should" have on Tuesday:
We made a normal sized Easter dinner for only two of us, including rolls (from the Lion House bakery), deviled eggs, carrots, a giant ham (which has since been eaten every day, made into bean and ham soup, and half frozen), green bean casserole, potato casserole, and peanut butter cookies. A little much, but good for leftovers!

Lastly, here is a photo of us on Easter morning:

I look like poop, mostly because we woke up about 10 minutes before Conference started and I just put my hair in pig tails. Okay, so we started Conference late (watching it online is nice like that) since I had to also make pancakes. A pregnant woman can't sacrifice food! Speaking of... now I want to make more deviled eggs and some zopf (Swiss bread). Mmm...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Presidents Wixom

My mission mom, Rosemary Wixom, is now the General Primary President.

Now she and President Wixom are, um, President Wixom.

She is so cute, and I love her!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mostly about babies

This has been an interesting and full week for us. We've both been fairly busy with our jobs; Jamund with his real job and various side projects and me with UVU.

I just had to spend about an hour trying to see if one student can still get a C in the class in order to walk at graduation. Those are the saddest stories, but still, how much sympathy can I give at this point—he had the whole semester to come to class, read, study, and turn in assignments and suddenly now that graduation is coming in a few weeks it is our collective problem to figure out how he can get a failing grade up to a C... Hopefully he pulls it off, though.

Also, this little guy has been using his tiny feet or perhaps miniscule fist to let me know that he is not pleased when I go to Costco and attempt to put the giant package of toilet paper into the cart or haul around the 25 lb bag of flour (which somehow we go through in 2 months?).

Costco trips will now have to be date trips with husband doing the heavy lifting. We might end up spending more money, but at least baby will be happier.

What else...oh, input please:

Would you purchase a high end baby stroller (with bassinet feature for infants that can switch to a regular toddler seat) for about 1/3 of its actual price if you were given the opportunity? Not a theoretical question...