Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Update

So, we aren't too exciting, but I did finally go to the doctor after a month of not having insurance due to Jamund switching jobs (from the rather unstable and sketchy Marketecture to Media Rain). I am measuring big on the belly (28 centimeters instead of 26). We think Simon will come earlier than the due date.

We need to take more pregnant belly photos.

Other than that, here are some Easter photos. We don't yet have cute photos of babies with Easter baskets and on egg hunts, but I did do a stellar job of hiding Jamund's basket in the guest shower-- he even looked in the shower and walked away because he didn't see it initially. I thought I was so clever.

The next photo may explain why my belly measured 2 centimeters more than it "should" have on Tuesday:
We made a normal sized Easter dinner for only two of us, including rolls (from the Lion House bakery), deviled eggs, carrots, a giant ham (which has since been eaten every day, made into bean and ham soup, and half frozen), green bean casserole, potato casserole, and peanut butter cookies. A little much, but good for leftovers!

Lastly, here is a photo of us on Easter morning:

I look like poop, mostly because we woke up about 10 minutes before Conference started and I just put my hair in pig tails. Okay, so we started Conference late (watching it online is nice like that) since I had to also make pancakes. A pregnant woman can't sacrifice food! Speaking of... now I want to make more deviled eggs and some zopf (Swiss bread). Mmm...

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