Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mostly about babies

This has been an interesting and full week for us. We've both been fairly busy with our jobs; Jamund with his real job and various side projects and me with UVU.

I just had to spend about an hour trying to see if one student can still get a C in the class in order to walk at graduation. Those are the saddest stories, but still, how much sympathy can I give at this point—he had the whole semester to come to class, read, study, and turn in assignments and suddenly now that graduation is coming in a few weeks it is our collective problem to figure out how he can get a failing grade up to a C... Hopefully he pulls it off, though.

Also, this little guy has been using his tiny feet or perhaps miniscule fist to let me know that he is not pleased when I go to Costco and attempt to put the giant package of toilet paper into the cart or haul around the 25 lb bag of flour (which somehow we go through in 2 months?).

Costco trips will now have to be date trips with husband doing the heavy lifting. We might end up spending more money, but at least baby will be happier.

What else...oh, input please:

Would you purchase a high end baby stroller (with bassinet feature for infants that can switch to a regular toddler seat) for about 1/3 of its actual price if you were given the opportunity? Not a theoretical question...



  1. Purchase it!! if it isn't too late, do it!

  2. We initially had three strollers--a jogger, a travel system, and a super nice umbrella stroller. While the travel system was nice when she was teeny, it was bulky and I'd probably rather use a sling. Since she has been able to sit up, we only use the umbrella one, and I think for baby two we'll just get a double (but nice) umbrella. They're super light and fold up small.

    That said, baby gear is pretty fun, so... I'd be tempted. :)