Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vegas Trip

This last weekend we decided to go to Vegas for Jamund's birthday and to get out of Utah at least once before the baby is born. I am proud to say that I didn't have to stop more than once (as is normal for us) to use the facilities.

Jamund, however, veered off the freeway in Beaver, UT, upon seeing a billboard for "cheese curds." He was so excited and drove miles into this small town whose fame (in my knowledge) extends only to having cops patrolling I-15 around its vicinity. In my college days, we were always wary when we approached Beaver while driving to or from Vegas.

Anyway, we eventually made it here:

Note the "Closed" sign in the window. This resulted in:

However, we eventually made it to Wendy's and got Jamund some spicy chicken go wraps, which sort of made up for not getting cheese curds. But not really.

The next day we ventured down to the Las Vegas Strip where we had a delicious lunch at our favorite restaurant, the Grand Lux. We then went to the Bellagio to see the gardens.
I loved the rose snails the best.
Jamund, however, loved the touch screens down the road the best:
The new City Center in Vegas is pretty sweet with its technology and architecture. The first photo is the shopping directory, and the second (above) is a touch screen menu for one of the restaurants at the Aria hotel. We also were enthralled by this art installation at City Center:
However, nothing on the Strip made Jamund as shocked and amused as this fine establishment near a gas station in Henderson:
You never know what you will see while in Vegas!

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  1. Electric chair salon? I guess their business must be dying out... har har.