Saturday, May 29, 2010


Last night I wanted to make pancakes. I poured over a wonderful book called Crepes, Waffles, and Pancakes! by Kathryn Hawkins and eventually just made the basic pancake recipe. Best news was that they turned out like British pancakes (pretty sure Hawkins is British). British pancakes are more like crepes (her crepe recipe is also amazing), not poofy and cakey like American pancakes. So delicious.

My two British friends in this photo (Tom and Chris) are making "proper" pancakes to prove their superiority. It may or may not have been "pancake day" (British holiday-- not sure how official).

CAK901KB (3)

Anyway, long story short: pancakes for me for dinner yesterday (Jamund wanted leftover pesto pasta), pancakes for Jamund and me for breakfast today.

Good food day so far: tostada, quesadilla, and tamales at the Farmer's Market for lunch followed by a Sweet Tooth Fairy brownie (and cupcake for dinner dessert).

On today's to-do list:
  • Jamund: online traffic school (ha!)
  • Kari: sew a nursing cover
  • Jamund and Kari: transplant a pepper plant, honeydew, cantaloupe, and cauliflower to the garden.
If only Chris and Tom were here to make us a proper British roast for dinner:

...and if only we could find frozen, ready to bake Yorkshire puddings in our grocery stores here! (see red package on table)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My lovely boringness

I've decided that I need so much water just to feel any sort of good at all. This means that I cannot go out many places because it becomes difficult to find bathrooms. For example, by the time I arrive anywhere not in Springville, it seems like I need to use the facilities. It gets really old. To compensate, I tend to avoid drinking water but then I feel faint and crappy. Better to stay at home.

This is normal for me, though. I am antisocial by nature. (I suppose I'm lucky to have married someone who can be antisocial too but who also enjoys going out and being with other people—I am more of a team socializer. I usually always require another person as my ally when I make the choice to socialize, and Jamund is my perfect ally).

However, during the day, I, like my wondrous mother, enjoy staying at home alone, somehow finding things to do for the entire day. I talk to Jamund online, clean a little bit each day, do some exercising, watch a hulu episode or two, make dinner, and as of yesterday, work on a writing project. I like life this way, I really do.

I think having baby will be mostly the same, only I will have a little person doing those things with me and waking me up all the time when I'm trying to get some rest. I think baby and I will be very antisocial for a long time together. It will be lovely.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend has been strange, to say the least.

We spent Saturday morning pulling out tulips, pansies, etc. all around Temple Square and prepping the beds for new flowers. It was really heart-wrenching to pull out perfectly beautiful flowers and put them in garbage bags (supposedly headed to composting land...). I felt bad for all the kids getting married that day: "Sorry that you decided to get married on the day we pulled out the flowers at Temple Square—hope you don't have too many dirty BYU kids in the background of your photos."

We did, however, get to see our friend Joe and his dog Broccoli. This is Broccoli and Jamund around this time last year. He was little and cute and slept in our arms:
Broccoli The Dog
Broccoli is now ginormous and out of control! I had to shield the baby bump from his jumping craziness out of shear fear for baby's well being! Here are Broccoli and Joe as of yesterday:

Anyway, this morning I went to our family church and Jamund went to the BYU Singles ward of which he is still a member of the bishopric. I ate some cereal and had some water before going to church. However, while sitting there, I felt my heart rate escalate. I tried to calm myself down and slow down my blood pressure (recall previous post about high blood pressure at my last doctor's appointment). Then, during a talk, I started blanking out. I felt like I was going to faint for sure. I started drinking more and more water and thoughts went through my head like "Should I go outside? Should I call 911? Jamund doesn't get reception where church is at BYU! What am I going to do?"

Luckily I made it through the meeting and went home as soon as it was over (I walk to and from church). I laid down on the couch and tried for about an hour and a half to call Jamund and my parents, but to no avail. My chest was kind of tight and I also have been having trouble breathing the last two days. Jamund finally got my text message and came home as soon as he could. We went to the InstaCare in Springville, and, after waiting about an hour and half, finally got in to see the doctor.

My blood pressure was 138/85, which is high but not crazy high. They also checked my urine (normal) and sent me home. This is good, but it does not explain why I almost passed out while sitting down doing nothing. My mom (who is an RN) told me that I should take my blood pressure 4 times a day from now on, record it, and record baby's movements to make sure that everything is okay—she also told me to go on "couch rest" (closer than the bed to the kitchen for water and food breaks).

Anyway, it was not how we planned to spend our Sunday afternoon! Jamund was fully prepared to have the baby. I, at roughly 33 weeks out of 40, was not. Anyway, maybe I'll pack my hospital bag early just in case.

p.s. We missed Thanksgiving Point's Wool and Lamb Festival yesterday, but here some cute goats from a trip we took to Sunspring Ranch (?) last Memorial Day:
Sunspring Ranch

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Addition to last post

Watermelon attempt #3: fail.

Not as miserable a fail as the last two attempts. We were fooled until I tried a piece of mushy grossness. This one was the cheapest and bought from Maceys in Provo, but we think it was the same brand as the other melons. We will not return this one since it was purchased far from home and cost less than $3.... but still. Another rotten watermelon? Really?!

Today's most traumatic addition to the bad week trend: cracked windshield. I let Jamund use my car yesterday so I could take his car in for an oil change, and as I was pulling out of the garage today I saw about a foot long crack in my windshield. We do not know what happened; Jamund saw it on his way home from work yesterday and forgot to tell me. It may have gotten chipped on the very top edge of the windshield (where it is painted black) who knows when and we never noticed (or as recently as yesterday?)—but yesterday was colder and rainy, so maybe the change in weather caused it to crack dramatically.

Nice. Thanks week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

bad week

This week has not gone well.

It all began on Sunday. We took a nap, but our room was so ridiculously hot that I had to get up prematurely and move downstairs, where I soon felt guilty and decided I needed to get up and do yoga instead of sleeping.

On Sunday night, we kept the windows open to cool off the room. However, it was so windy that the blinds kept banging against the window/wall all night, translating into a horrible night's sleep for both of us.

I went grocery shopping on Monday, only to discover while preparing dinner that the watermelon I just bought was rotten. While sitting on the counter/cutting board, the melon's clear goop proceeded to ooze all over my counter. In addition, the tomato I bought for our burgers had green goop around its seeds. We returned both after dinner.

Tonight, I tried to make progress on a knitting project only to drop a stitch and not realize it until later on, resulting in my having to unravel probably 2 inches of the sweater. Then I messed up more while trying to fix it, and it made me hate knitting and never want to do it again.

Jamund came home during this trauma from a church meeting to announce that he had just gone back to the store and bought a new watermelon and bagels which we didn't need (we have bagel thins, sandwich thins, and I just made bread today). I was very put out but decided to cut the watermelon and eat some....

But, of course, it was rotten again. Why he went to the same store one day later to buy a watermelon, I do not understand, but now I am very very put out and exhausted and almost not wanting to buy a watermelon ever again, which is very sad since they are usually delicious.

Oh, and my back hurts. I can't win today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Old photos

These photos are from last August/September when we moved from our rental in Provo to our home in Springville. We were remembering yesterday how we used to like quaint old houses until we actually bought and lived in a "new" house (new meaning only 20 years old compared to 100 or so).... nicer bathrooms, bigger rooms (mostly), a full size refrigerator, much larger kitchen, etc.

We also have been reevaluating what makes us "happy." We had these grand plans to someday have a farm until this Friday/Saturday when we actually started planting our garden. I am not cut out to be a gardener, let me tell you! It was miserable to me (maybe being 7 months pregnant has something to do with it). Some people find great joy in working the soil... not me.

This really puts a damper on some of my grand schemes and plans.

The same thing goes for crafting. In my ideal world, I love to craft: knit, sew, be creative, etc. In the real world, I can do those things, but I usually do not actually enjoy the process. I feel tense and like it has to be perfect and, really, it just stresses me out.

Anyway, here are more moving photos from last August (we won a free moving van from Utah Dave. He's actually a pretty nice guy.):

2009-08-28 18.17.07

2009-08-28 18.17.23

Friday, May 14, 2010


So, yesterday I went to Shep Studio for my long awaited haircut. I saw Patrick, who is wonderful and specializes in short and curly hair. I told him my ideas, and we had to look up the style on-line since he didn't know about Tegan Quin's hair off the top of his head.

He changed a few of the key elements of that cut (namely he cut off the "wings" on the side and made choppy bangs instead of swoopy bangs), which basically meant that he took away the parts that softened the "mullet" nature of the cut and left me with, well, a mullet.
As he cut my hair, the salon "serfs" (who sweep the floor and watch the front desk) would come and just stand behind us and stare at him while he worked. One commented that he loved mullets. When Patrick finished, he took out his phone and snapped some photos of the cut (he claimed he doesn't usually do that). Then I bought some ridiculously overpriced product to maintain the style of the mullet, and a girl who worked there told me I was the "new salon crush."

I was not pumped upon leaving, namely because I really wanted the wings and now wished I had fought for swoopy bangs. I then went and did some shopping, trying to exude confidence (Patrick told me that I could pull off the hairstyle while many others couldn't), but mostly I just felt strange, thinking "I live in Utah County and I have a mullet! If I were back in Seattle or London, it would be hip, but people here will just be confused!"
In the parking lot at Old Navy, a man holding a gas can came up to my window asking if I had any change. I thought for a moment before giving him the $4 cash I had in my wallet. My reasoning? Honest-t0-goodness: "I have a mullet now, I better help out hick people." (Honestly, a gas can in the Old Navy parking lot? Where is the gas station?)

After that experience, I did what anyone would do. I went to Wal-Mart (a good choice while sporting a mullet, right?) and bought some new mascara and eye shadow, went home, and made myself pretty. Having good eyelashes can help anything. I also added some more gunk (product) to my hair to make it a little choppier and add some interest.

Jamund loved it and was so excited to tell me (after looking it up on his computer) that the domain name "" was still available. Thanks Jamund. At bed time, makeup came off, and then I become "skinhead wife."
IMG_0072 IMG_0080
Anyway, it's funny.

p.s. Here are some skinhead/mullet mom pregnancy photos:
IMG_0082 IMG_0083

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was looking at Jamund's flickr sets of photos, and I found this treasure from our wedding:
Outside The Temple

Very slick. Anyway, I want to say that I love him and love that he is vacuuming the house right now! He always thinks cleaning takes longer than it does, so sometimes it is hard to get him to start, but he does well in the end!

p.s. Looking at our wedding photos is kind of depressing because we were both chubbier than we are now (I weigh now more, most likely, due to baby, but I like to think I look less chubby in my face and arms, at least!).

Our errors: getting married at about 6 weeks notice (we pushed forward a planned May wedding to December) and getting married right after the Christmas (fat) holidays.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I've been trying to grow my hair out, and this has been mostly traumatic since your hair doesn't really fall/thin itself out when you're pregnant... so I've been left with a not fashion mullet and really thick hair. It feels like it has grown more horizontally than vertically, if you know what I mean.

I've been getting fed up with it the last few weeks, and Jamund got me a gift certificate to Shep, the best and my favorite salon, for Mother's Day. I now need to call them and schedule an appointment! I am thinking of getting my hair cut like Tegan from Tegan and Sara.

Going to a real salon is a big deal for me. I was thinking the other night about my most recent haircuts NOT done myself (I usually always cut my own hair). They were (in reverse order):

• Spring 2006: in London at the Toni and Guy hair school
• Winter 2004: at Shep Salon
• Summer 2003 (?): at Bon Lossee hair school in Provo (when I decided that if I was going to pay someone to cut my hair and do an awful job, I better just cut it myself)

Since London isn't really an option, I will happily "settle" for Shep Salon once again!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

beehive bazaar

Go to the Beehive Bazaar at Thanksgiving Point!

It is really lovely, especially in its new and larger space.

I bought:
-a towel
-natural soaps
-natural lip balm
-light switch covers (an owl for the baby room and a tree one for the craft room). I've always wanted light switch covers.

I almost bought many other things. Go and support local crafters!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A- plus B+

equals RhoGAM® shot for Kari.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and it ended up being a semi-traumatic experience for the following reasons:

1. I ended up gaining a supposed 13 pounds in 4 weeks. What?! Okay, so I've kind of embraced the whole pregnant eating thing in the last month. I used to weigh myself every day and stopped doing that when my last weigh in at the doctor's surprised me with a lower than expected number.

Also, I've been nonchalant about cooking delicious food (aka made with lots of butter?) and making desserts basically as soon as the old one runs out, like these:


These days are over (well, except for the next 4 days when my parents will be in town). Now I am counting calories and exercising more than I have been (focusing mostly on toning my legs and arms).

2. Next traumatic thing: high blood pressure. Usually my blood pressure is lovely! He made the nurse check it again before I left, and it was back to a reasonable pace.... but he is making me check it myself regularly as a precaution.

3. I am blood type A- and Jamund is B+. We are a rarity (a couple with -/+), and in this case, rarity is not beneficial. Chances are that baby Simon has a positive blood type, which is bad in case our blood mixes since my body will probably at that point create antibodies to kill and attack his (red?) blood cells. This is, obviously, bad.

After I got out of the doctor's office, I had to go to the lab to get my blood checked for antibodies. According to my research, if I had tested positive (I tested negative), I wouldn't be able to get the shot, which protects baby and (I think) prevents my body from creating killer antibodies.

Apparently it gets worse for subsequent children than the first... but just to be careful, in I went today to get my RhoGAM® shot in my hip. If Simon does in fact have a positive blood type, I have to get the shot again after delivery.

Anyway, luckily I don't have to go back to the doctor for 4 more weeks (unless my blood pressure stays high...)!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Blog Project!

Hello friends,

I just wanted to let you know that I am starting a new blog/project:

It is still in the works and hopefully will look cuter as time goes on (at least the title and such).

Please read, follow, and comment as you wish. Hopefully that will encourage me to keep at it!