Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Addendum: Jamund can(not) BBQ

Bless his heart, but Jamund had a BBQ fail last night. We were having a bunch of friends from the BYU singles ward over, and we decided to have a BBQ with shish kebabs. Jamund diligently got the chimney going with coals about 40 minutes before people came, but they just did not get hot enough at all. No chicken was cooking on those coals.

Some of the boys asked if we had lighter fluid. Answer: nope. Suggestion: gasoline? Answer: yes.

So, on to the BBQ went more coals, and Jamund got the gas can from the shed. He decided to pour some of the gas into a disposable cup to then pour on the coals. Disposable cup = made of styrofoam. One of the boys, Matt, quickly told Jamund that gasoline + styrofoam = napalm. Sure enough, the styrofoam was, at that moment, disintegrating in Jamund's hand and within seconds we had a styrofoam gasoline mess on the concrete patio. Brad then got the lighter and up in flames went our mess (it cleaned up pretty nicely and quickly!).

Anyway, soon we had a roaring BBQ fueled with gasoline (we had other, non-styrofoam disposable cups that were used to pour gasoline on to the BBQ). Dangerous, yes. Don't ever do it. However, we eventually made the kebabs, but despite my soaking the skewers, they still burned because the coals were SO hot due to the gasoline. It was all kind of a mess.


We also had an egg tossing activity—after drawing babies on the eggs as follows—this one is our favorite, as created by one of the boys (Korean, of course!)...


...which resulted in lots of cracked eggs all over everything (the concrete, the grass, a blanket):


Our friend Amory's son (seen in the background of the above photo with his shirt off and wearing a giant apron) had a mini meltdown when her egg (which I was supposed to catch) cracked in my hand (after I did catch it, just not gingerly enough!). It was pretty sad/cute. Anyway, quite a night!


Jamund and our friend Chad were "egged" on to try and toss "twin" baby eggs. Jamund prepared by wearing his safety goggles and my apron (I was wearing his after all). I think Chad ended up getting the worst of it though, when one of the eggs cracked on his pants and shoes. Sorry Chad!:


p.s. I think the BBQ would've kept burning all night long, but Jamund poured some water on it and closed the lid to try to eliminate the oxygen supply. Who knows, it could still be going! Gasoline + charcoal BBQ + baby eggs = craziness.

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