Friday, June 25, 2010

Cause and Effect

Sometimes I think that pregnancy has had just as significant effects on Jamund, namely:

• Ate both the lunch and dinner that I packed (since he was going to the temple right after work) yesterday for lunch without even considering (initially) that it was a ton of food.

• Ate basically a half pan of brownies in one day.

• Had the IRS send our tax refund to his private Bank of America account and then closed that account before the tax refund came back to us, which meant that the IRS got our money returned to them and now we have to wait ANOTHER month to get a check from them (we had already been waiting 8 extra weeks because he tried to file online and then we had to mail it in since we bought a house, but we neglected/forgot to sign the form after printing it off from online).

I, on the other hand, have been experiencing mostly the physical largeness of pregnancy. Although I must say that you know the baby is cooked and ought to come out when:
• Even your pregnancy clothes (and underwear) become too small for you.

• You use your nursing pillow under your feet when laying on the bed during the day and at night to prevent swelling.

• The baby looks more like an oddly shaped box inside of you than a human.

Anyway, here's to hoping that the IRS tax refund (which is significant to us) comes before the baby's hospital bill...


  1. don't worry. it takes the hospital and insurance company a while to get everything worked out.

    hang in there!