Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am trying, against all odds, to not have elephant feet by the time I go to sleep tonight (or by dinner time, or even snack time at 4 p.m.).

Right now I can see my ankles beginning to swell already like they are broken. Miserable! I am trying to drink so much water and keep them up when possible, but even just going to the library, sitting with my feet on the floor, or cooking causes my legs and feet to swell!

Last night was the worst so far. Seriously, I looked like an elephant from the waist down. Maybe from the head down. Depressing.

On a happier note, here is a photo from the Springville carnival (happier until you see that it was terrible weather for the carnival! Poor carnival)

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  1. I can give you a recommendation for swelling. Go to the pool and just get in and relax. Pools work best because they are little cooler, easier to get in and out of than a bathtub, and you can get some Vitamin D while you are at it. The hydrostatic pressure from the water will help pull the fluid (aka swelling) from your body and help with circulation. In addition, if you can move around in the pool, the blood flows more freely in the pool than out. Lastly, the pool will help elevate the low back pain because the belly does not weigh as much in a pool as it does out.
    Bathtubs work in emergency situations, but really do you want to climb in and out of the tub? Much too hard with the big belly. Best of luck in the next few weeks.