Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Air

I've now hit the apathetic stage.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and I've gained over 4 pounds in about 2 weeks... despite exercising every day (I think I even exercised Sat/Sun in that time period)... maybe splitting the funnel cake with Jamund at the Springville Carnival did me in! We have eaten out a few times more than normal, but 4+ pounds? Jeez, baby!

It is getting harder to exercise being larger (which makes me understand why it is hard to get into the exercise program when one is overweight/obese), and I'm thinking, "Why even bother if I'm still gaining excess weight after exercising about an hour a day?!" (Of course, if I didn't exercise, maybe I'd be up a few more pounds!)

I know, I'm pregnant and pregnant people gain weight... but I'm already above the "normal" weight gain, I think. Oh well. Enough complaints. Baby will probably be healthy and ginormous, which is better for him than being super tiny, I suppose.

At least my face never broke out... (knock on wood)

In other news:

Superior Water and Air came over and took way too long to look at our house and tell us that to get our air conditioning/heating circulation problems 100% fixed, it'll cost about $12,000. Ha! Or another solution would be about $6,000 (before government, etc. rebates). And I was moaning over the possibility of spending $200-$300 on a little air conditioning unit!

Needless to say, I was just thinking, "When is this man going to leave so that I can make dinner and stand up?!"

p.s. This morning I left a spoon in my oatmeal while it was in the microwave (for just a tiny bit of time). I then remade the oatmeal and the microwave started sounding like a dinosaur. Hmm.

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