Friday, June 4, 2010

it's only about a bajillion degrees in our house... we may have to turn on our AC here pretty soon. Putting the master bedroom on the top floor of the house above the garage with big windows = bad idea. Being 8 months pregnant (give or take) doesn't help out either.

Speaking of which, I need to remember to get Jamund to take a pregnancy photo this week! I went to the doctor today, and he was shocked that I am measuring 37 centimeters on the belly (it is supposed to match your week of pregnancy). So, rather than being 34-35 cm, my baby belly (and therefore baby) is big! I could've told anyone that. I think he gained about 2 pounds yesterday, I felt so suddenly massive (seriously, within one day I felt demolished).

Time to start packing up the hospital bag, just in case? Hopefully we'll make it to July 1, but who knows?!

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  1. Kari just said "I should just go lay down in a bathtub of ice water"! Anyone know an HVAC expert? We need help!