Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jamund can BBQ

Yes, I know, it came as a shock to all of us, including him. However, Jamund managed to BBQ some chicken and corn for Memorial Day yesterday!


He did so well and even marinated the chicken and prepared the corn all by himself as I was busy working on a summer wreath and the twice baked potatoes (and yes, we do have a two story canary yellow playhouse in our backyard with planters of flowers by its front porch and front window. Good thing it doesn't have a door or else I'd probably have to make a summer wreath for that house too! Ha).


After dinner, we attempted to find the kids in the BYU singles ward at their activity "in Provo Canyon" at Nunn's Park. We, of course, went to the wrong park (it is right next to Nunn's Park and is off the same "exit," but I don't think it is technically Nunn's Park). We sat at the river for awhile and talked about dinosaurs.

After awhile, we decided to go get some ice cream on our own (although the smores they had promised sounded so good to me), but we found two kids also lost on our way back to the car. One of them made a phone call, and we eventually made our way to the activity (and I got a smore, plus some chocolate and lemonade).

Here is the summer wreath I made following instructions (mostly) from "Kelly Hicks Design Blog," although my flowers ended up looking quite different (fabric choice, probably). I was also proud of the cost: wreath from the dollar store ($1 + tax) plus fabric, buttons, thread, etc. I already had:

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