Monday, June 21, 2010

Mostly about Cooking and Being Big

Nesting is supposedly one of those things that comes along with preparing to have a baby. This past week, I cleaned the oven, but mostly out of necessity. I don't take joy in cleaning these days, nor do I necessarily have extra energy to do it. I just have this impulse that forces me to clean. Anyway, I don't consider it "nesting."

I have been making good foods, though, like curry, paella, eggs benedict, toffee bars, chocolate cookies, and chocolate chip banana bread (which we ate tonight with our friends, the Smiths and the Caywood's—super good dessert night... mmm... mint brownies, smoothies, and bread!).

Eggs Benedict with homemade English muffins, spinach salad (from the garden), and homemade peach freezer jam on the extra muffin:

My apron matches the colors in the meal:


Treats (we shared these with the kids at church on Sunday, I didn't eat too too many):


Baby "bump" seems an understatement today, the day before we hit week 37 (full term):


p.s. I'm measuring big (still) and in addition to getting the shot for the differing blood types (see earlier entry) in the hospital, now I also get to have an IV with antibiotics since I tested positive for Group B Strep (I think that's what it's called). Good thing I was never planning on having a home birth...

p.p.s. Jamund wants us to have a blog post on the World Cup. I actually enjoy the World Cup, even though I have to watch it on the computer on Univision's website in Spanish. My favorite parts of this arrangement so far are, of course, whenever anyone gets a goal and when Crouch (English player) got subbed in and the announcer said (I'm 99% sure): "Mister Roboto!" (due to his robot dance from last World Cup after scoring a goal).

I'm cheering for England, and Jamund is cheering for the USA, Mexico, England, and Ghana. We like football.


  1. You are too cute! That meal looks delicious!

  2. Cooking is domestic, so I'm SURE that counts as nesting. There, now you don't have to clean anything! Steve and I "nested" with Grace by buying furniture. I don't think I was scrubbing much.