Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"My Life Has Purpose"

So, I've been addicted to watching HGTV's "Design Star" on hulu for the past, oh, maybe 3 weeks? Yesterday I finished all the episodes they had, and it was like an old friend was gone—how would I spend my "resting" hour and a half each afternoon? My life felt as if it had no purpose....

But today they posted some of the missing episodes from season 4! My resting hour and a half has purpose again—if only for maybe 2 days!

Pathetic, yes. Better than watching something like "The Bachelorette"? Yes.

p.s. There is a carnival about 3 minutes walk from our house!

p.p.s. Just for fun, here are some photos of me and Jamund from when we were little. Will Simon have chubby or rosy cheeks? Or both? We shall see! (It seems unquestionable from these photos, however, that he will have a fine fashion sense.)


HeMan Shirt and a Sister

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