Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekends are not relaxing

Weekends are more work for me than weekdays.

We went to the doctor on Thursday where we had a short time with the ultrasound just to see that baby is moving down into the right position (head seemed to be closer to my right thigh and not quite in the birth canal area, but still down). Also, I'm measuring closer to 40 weeks than 37.

Here is a photo of the belly from Sunday. I am looking tired and chubby:


On Friday, we went out to dinner at Magleby's and then saw "Toy Story 3" where I had some contractions and Jamund cried (at the movie, not the contractions).

Our bedroom was so hot on Friday night that I took my pillows, water, and phone and trekked down to the basement at about 2 a.m. to sleep on our chaise lounge.

On Saturday afternoon after watching the USA v. Ghana World Cup game at Terra Mia in Orem, we went to Best Buy and bought a window air conditioning unit to put in our bedroom ($200 vs. the $12000 fix recommended by the air conditioning guy). The rest of the afternoon was spent with Jamund installing it while I cleaned the floors, ironed shirts, did laundry, etc. Luckily, it was a fruitful venture, and the air conditioner has been a great addition to my life.

On Sunday we had a potluck in our backyard with the singles ward from BYU. For some reason it started at the not-lunch but not-dinner time of 3 p.m., so I had to start making food shortly after coming home from church, and I think the last person left about 7-7:15 p.m. It was a long, hot afternoon, and we ended up with about 4 bags of chips, a bunch of hot dog buns from JDawgs in Provo (but no hot dogs), a veggie tray, pasta salad, some stale brownies (I think), etc.

I need a weekend to rest from the weekend!

p.s. One more photo of the end of week 37:


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