Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today I did some postnatal yoga (or is it postpartum?) after returning home from my 6 week after-baby check up. I haven't really exercised since the day before I went into the hospital, so it was nice! I set up baby on a blanket on the floor near the couch and tried to ignore him crying himself to sleep while I did my yoga.

Welcome to exercising with a child, right?

I wish I could say the day was uneventful, but alas, I cannot. And I wish I could say that "eventful" meant something more than baby having an extreme poop-pee-spit up extravaganza on the changing table... (scroll past the next photo if you don't want to see the evidence)


Seriously, baby. Pooping all over the changing table, making a pee fountain, spitting up, then getting changed and drooling all over the floor while you look at yourself in the mirror...

IMG_0406 IMG_0403

Then, oh yes, peeing through the diaper on to your new outfit? Right after I finished doing the laundry? Really?

Thanks baby.

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