Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On covering windows and baby bums

This past week we have been concerned primarily with two things related to the household and family:

1. Blackout shades

2. Diapers

Before we get into these subjects, take a look at this giant zucchini!

Okay, in regards to blackout shades, we have felt the need to get one for an arch window in our master bedroom. This window is really the bane of our master bedroom's existence; it lets in so much light, makes the room about a bajillion degrees (which we attempted to solve with the addition of a window AC unit), and we suspect is also the reason the room is freezing in winter (that and the fact that all the windows in the room are crappy).

We are in the process of getting over the fact that getting a nice wood blackout "shade" (shutter) for the arch will cost nowhere less than $250, roughly, and need to just take the plunge and purchase it.

Also, we wanted to get a blackout shade for baby's room. This led us to purchase a Roman shade from JC Penny. After Jamund took down the blinds and tested out the Roman shade, we were both distraught to discover that it let in more light than the blinds. Fail. So, we went the white trash route and put foil on the window (Jamund will post on this later. He documented the entire process with photographs and was quite proud of himself).

However, now the room is so dark all the time that it depresses me and I have to turn on the light to change the baby's diaper, even at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. Plus, the foil looks super ghetto from the outside. We are in the process of coming up with a proper solution... but for now, foil it is.

IMG_0362 IMG_0360

Now for diapers. As you can see above, we have baby wearing eco friendly gdiapers during the day and disposables at night. However, we are slowly (quickly) becoming unimpressed with the situation, as these diapers require the use of a liner and insert, and the liner often gets poop on it, which then requires washing, and sometimes the actual cloth diaper gets poop or pee on it and also requires washing... and pretty soon you run out of liners and then you can't use the diapers... and once everything is clean, you have to assemble the diapers over and over again... and it's kind of annoying and a mess. Plus, I just have this feeling that baby isn't much impressed with the gdipes (neither is papa).

Anyway, disposables are also super expensive to buy constantly, and Jamund doesn't like the idea of them sitting in a landfill (gdiaper inserts biodegrade) or the process required to create disposables.

So... I was perusing a lovely blog and found this entry about these (bum genius all in one diapers). Needless to say, I was convinced. I plan to order a bunch hopefully today and discontinue use of disposables (except for travel, etc.) and hopefully eventually gdiapers (once we finish up the stash we purchased... which even includes the next size up with lots of inserts! Gah!).

I saw one of my former students yesterday while I was buying flannel with which to make reusable wipes (so I can just wash the diapers and wipes together and stop buying those too, as recommended by cloth diaper pros), and she asked what I was making with the flannel... I told her about my plan to make wipes and use cloth diapers, and she thought I was crazy! Maybe I am, but if it works, we will be saving tons of money and doing our part to help nature. Good for us.

Anyway, here are other silly photos of baby (which is why most people come to the blog in the first place):

Don't worry mom, we didn't leave him on the counter very long.

Miracle! Jamund can multitask by reading a computer book and holding baby!

Spit up fest:

Not very good shots, but I swear he was smiling during this process:


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  1. I don't know if you've heard of elimination communication, but it can also reduce the amount of diapers you use. Simon is a little young, but some mothers start at birth. A good book about it is The Diaper-Free Baby by Christine Gross. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but some people really like it.