Thursday, August 12, 2010

Round 2

On Tuesday night, I noticed that I was getting a back ache and told Jamund before he left for a meeting that I felt as if I was getting sick. I went to bed early, and I soon had aches all over my body, chills, and a fever. Infection, take 2. My temperature went from somewhere in the 98 range to 101.4 during the night. I could hardly sleep with all the aches, pains, bad dreams, and chills/heat. It was seriously awful.

Wednesday I called in and went to the doctor where I was pronounced ill with mastitis. So, baby and I spent yesterday and plan to spend today in bed, basically doing nothing but eating and sleeping (pretty much the plan for both of us-- although I also get to play on the Internet and may watch some shows on hulu).

Speaking of which, at this moment, I have three Apple products within one foot of me on the bed (actually, they are all touching or almost touching me): laptop, ipad, and iphone. They each have their purpose: laptop for hulu and blogging (ipad doesn't work so well for blogging), ipad for entertainment while feeding baby (every breastfeeding mom should have an ipad-- so convenient), iphone for tracking baby's feeding, diaper changes, naps, etc. (I use this app called "Baby Timer").

Well, now that I've done my advertising duties for Apple, I better get going. Baby is waking up and trying to eat his hand (unsuccessfully). A few minutes ago I sneezed and that resulted in a little sad sad cry fest for baby. But maybe I'll discuss more about baby and crying in another post...

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  1. mastitis is no fun!
    get better!! antibiotics and strategically placed hot pads help.