Monday, August 30, 2010

Trade Offs

My little man is sleeping, or attempting to fall asleep, in the bassinet next to my bed. We've had a long and tiring past 5 or so days with family in town for his baby blessing, and, as such, he has not gotten many proper naps. It's like he knows that people are in the house and must force himself to stay awake as much as possible to not miss anything.

Last night he was fussing and crying at the table and would not be consoled so we brought him upstairs to prepare him for his last meal before bedtime. Jamund set him on the changing "table" portion of his pack-n-play, and he immediately fell asleep:

Poor little guy.

Also, just a side note: This photo is why I'm glad we use cloth diapers...

The cloth diapers are currently in need of being laundered, so I stuck him in some disposable diapers during the night. The above photo is what I found after feeding and talking to him a little bit this morning. Granted, it was a poop-splosion (as I call it), but still. I don't think we've had any poop leaks since using cloth. Pee leaks, yes, but I attribute that to our inadequacy at putting the diapers on properly in the beginning days of use.

Anyway, we like the cloth dipes: he seems to not have as much (if any) diaper rash, and I feel like we don't need to use as many wipes because the poop doesn't really stick to his skin and get crusty (which it seems to do with disposables. It's like I have to scrape poop off his leg with disposable diapers. Ick.)

So yes, we enjoy the disposable and it's almost sort of sad when they are all dirty and need to be laundered, set in the sun to "bleach" out any lingering poop marks, and then dried. These are the trade offs, yes, but worthwhile ones in my mind. If we didn't have any disposables (the ones he is in right now were given to us) or gdiapers (we also have the medium size with lots of inserts), I would have to adjust my laundering (wash 9-10 at a time rather than waiting to wash all dozen)...

These are the problems I must deal with now...better than dealing with plagiarizing students, in my mind!

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