Friday, September 24, 2010

Out to Lunch

This little guy has been super cranky since coming home from being out today:


We've had an extraordinarily busy week, involving church affairs, job things (for Jamund, my job is taking care of that boy pictured above), and lots of eating out. We went out to Art City Trolley on Wednesday and then were treated to dinner on Thursday and lunch today by Matt, one of my "converts" from the mission. Very shortly after I "accosted" him on the street coming out of a gym, he was baptized and a year after that went through the temple! He is super solid and such a nice guy with the best accent—the southern gentleman.

We took him (well, I guess he sort of "took us") to two traditionally "nice" places: Magleby's and Paradise Bakery and Cafe, but they unfortunately did not live up to their legacies.

At Magleby's, the waiter messed up his order and then was kind of rude about it but ended up giving him his original order plus the other order for the price of the cheaper entree.

At Paradise Bakery and Cafe, he was eating his sandwich and then paused, asking "Do you think they need this?" and held up a twist tie that he found in the middle of the sandwich! Nasty! He got a free sandwich voucher (which he gave to us since he's going back to DC soon).

Poor Matt.

During lunch, Amy (who came with us) was talking about her sister who went to Cambodia on a mission, and I made a remark about how I was glad I went where I did, and then Matt said something like "So am I!" That comment made me reflect a little bit and realize that even if I had only talked to Matt on my mission, it would've been worth it because of how much his life has changed for the better since that point. It was a nice reality check to remind me that those 18 or so months weren't really about or for me (although the experience also did help me, of course); they were really for Matt, Rita, Belvin, Ingrid, etc etc.... all the people I taught or even spoke to about the Gospel.

I'm glad for that reminder. Thanks Matt.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Accounting #1

So far I have accomplished:

1. Baby wipes. Sort of. I didn't finish sewing all of them (40 something) because my thread kept breaking and such as I was trying to sew them on my machine. Tension might be off, but I think the thread is too cheap. I did finish around 20, though, which will probably be just fine.

IMG_0498 IMG_0501

I might be the worst at using a sewing machine. I can't sew a straight line worth anything. Oh well.

2. Mending: done.

3. Canning of peaches. Done. I mean, there are still lots of peaches on the tree, but we are trying to get friends to come and take them (if you want any, let me know!) so I don't have to can any more. I made jam and canned plain peaches in syrup last night... which wouldn't have been so awful had I not put a tiny little (critical) piece on the pressure canner the wrong way... long story short, we made it to bed after 1 a.m. (after realizing this and fixing the problem).


I also did the following (plus some) yesterday:

1. Made homemade Sloppy Joes (recipe from the Pioneer Woman) with homemade hamburger buns:




2. Made a fall wreath with inspiration from this website:




3. Had fun outside with Sage, Tim, Oliver, Anders (who visited us and took some peaches and other produce home-- thanks!), Jamund, and this little man:


I am tired now. Time for bed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Just so I will not forget and have some accountability, here are things I need to do:

1. Sew baby wipes (trying out cloth wipes, I think they will be nicer to his skin and decrease our trash output even more-- although regular wipes will still be in use when we're out and about)

2. Fall cleaning/cleansing—hopefully culminating in a garage sale the end of September/beginning of October?

3. Finish knitting/sewing Simon's baby sweater. Heavens. I can't believe I haven't finished it. He'll probably be too big for it anyway, but oh well.

4. Mend clothes (sweater, pair of Kari pants, Jamund suit pants).

5. Can peaches, make peach jam... maybe this weekend or next week? Not sure if peaches are fully ready to go yet.

Okay. That's enough.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Walk

Today I decided it would be a great idea to walk to see the horses that live close by our house. We got to one horse (who currently lives alone on one side of the street-- in winter he used to have some cow friends, and I think there was also another horse too) and took some photos:


Horse wanted to eat baby, I'm pretty sure. He got really close, so close I could feel the air from his ginormous nostrils. This horse seemed unusually large, for a horse.



Horse, you blinked!


We then decided to carry on to the sheep. Jamund is so sad that the sheep "ran away" before this shot got taken:


Here is one. Not sure if it's the same one as the rogue sheep, missing from the above shot.


We then saw some goats on the way back from the sheep, another horse, chickens, a rooster (who decided to cock-a-doodle-doo when the horse peed right by him... we decided he was an "alert" rooster), and then the 3 (?) horses who live across the street from the solitary horse. It's like our town is a petting zoo. Simon unfortunately fell asleep on the heels of the sheep excitement and missed the chicken/goat/horse yard, which is too bad because it was pretty exciting. We even saw a goat slide down a hill on his belly.

We were doing fine until the last 3 horses... who unfortunately live precariously close to/in a rather large infestation of burrs (seriously, one horse's "bangs" were matted with burrs). This would be tragic enough for the horses, but sadly, our seemingly invincible stroller proved that it was, in fact, vincible. Both tires on the left side of the stroller are now punctured. Like really really punctured. So sad. It was awful trying to push it home.

Anyone know where to find 10 inch tire inner tubes?

Two Months

I apologize in advance for my bad photography. Is it sad that Jamund's camera on his iphone 4 is better than our actual digital camera? (Compare the photos from the previous post to the ones from this post)

Well, baby has been alive for over 2 months now!

As of his doctor's appointment on September 10, he:

-Weighs 13 lbs 11 oz (89 percentile)
-Measures 24.5 inches (93 percentile)

He was not a fan of the immunization shots but fell asleep promptly after about a 5 minute cry-fest (just to show his disapproval).

I made him Whoopie Pies, not such a good idea as the recipe I had (combined with some perhaps inappropriate substitutions) wasn't too tasty. Either that or Jamund and I are so healthy now that super sugary desserts gross us out...(but really, we are trying to exercise together every day).

Here are some photos. Simon was a little unsure about the whoopie pie situation too. After these photos, Jamund and I ate about half of each "pie." Jamund's half remained on the table until this morning...



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby's First Vacation

On Friday morning, we left our home at about 4:15 a.m. to go to the airport and head off to southern California to witness the wedding of Paul Jepsen and Brittany Watson:


We arrived back at our house around midnight on Saturday night... it was a quick trip and left Jamund and me pretty exhausted, but baby slept wonderfully! I swear he slept more on the trip than he does at home (including on the 2 flights there and the 2 flights back)!

Here are photos to document the trip and wedding:

Flying there:

IMG_0422 IMG_0426

"Luggage" (love his face in this photo)

Special pre-Labor Day BBQ lunch at Harry's Deli in Irvine:

Brittany and Jep!

Brittany and Jep Reception (Jamund's favorite wedding reception... French toast, bundt cakes, amazing artwork, etc.):




Brittany and Paul:
IMG_0467 IMG_0466



According to a good source (Brittany), Paul was so happy that Jamund came to the wedding (Paul is from Denmark so they rarely get to see each other). It is too bad they will be living in Copenhagen because we like them a lot....


The next day (Saturday), Jamund tried wearing the Moby wrap that Sage let us borrow... not Jamund's favorite look, and let's just say we need much more Moby wrapping practice...


But baby loved being close to and seeing his papa during breakfast!


We ate some most delicious Venezuelan food at Mil Jugos for lunch:


Then we saw Chrissie, one of Jamund's most favorite friends from Seattle. She took some photos (she works at a photography place), and we all had a great time.

Baby really enjoyed Chrissie...

And then cried.

We didn't get to go to the beach or see sights, but it was a friend-trip, not a sight-seeing trip—and we wouldn't have had it any other way! We had a wonderful time:

IMG_0498 IMG_0497