Monday, October 25, 2010


On Thursday, Jamund surprised me by coming home early... with a sore throat. He stayed home on Friday, where his sore throat escalated into a cold. On Saturday he even complained of a tooth ache (cold side effect?), and I started getting a sore throat. Baby's nose got a bit stuffy, resulting in the use of the much detested blue bulb syringe.

To end the weekend of sickness of a "high" note, in the middle of the night, the weather decided to put in its two sense with perhaps the worst wind and rain storm I have ever experienced. Seriously. We thought our house was going to blow down. It even shook like we were having an earthquake. Around 2:30 a.m., the power went out (due to lightning, we're pretty sure. It looked like it was right outside in the driveway), and the baby's monitor with it.

Since we can't hear him from our bedroom, we quickly moved downstairs to the guest bedroom, which is right next door to baby's room. We kept both doors open so as to hear baby (if we even could above the wind storm!).

Luckily, our emergency flashlights from Costco worked (you keep them plugged in, and when the power goes off, they go on--super helpful). The power went back on at about 3 a.m. and then promptly went off again. It came back on around 3:30 a.m. and stayed on.

In the morning, Jamund went out to survey the damage.

This photo shows a pole where the stop sign right at the corner of our front yard is supposed to be:


But don't worry, here it is (gotta love the tumbleweed next to our garbage can too. What?!):


We're lucky it didn't ricochet into our living room or kitchen window.

Jamund put it back, sort of:


It has since relocated again to be next to the fire hydrant.

Saddest news for us is that these are most likely from our roof... Dang it.

IMG_0709 IMG_0711

The joys of home ownership.


  1. I just love the super ominous mountain / cloud scene in the background of the first picture. That's where we live. Just saying.

  2. That is so scary! I can't believe the storm got that bad. Owning a home is hard work, it turns out. So many things happen!

    Sorry you are sick! We all have the cold too and it is no fun.