Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall? Where are you?


Well, Utah has done it again: it basically went from summer to winter without any fall. Granted, it is lovely right now (sunny but still a little chilly), but the past few days have been grey and rainy.

Yesterday night we packed up Simon's "bassinet," put my bedside table back in its rightful home, and even put the duvet back on the bed. Yes, Simon is now sleeping during the night in his own bedroom in his own crib! He seemed to handle the adjustment fairly well, and he even giggled a little bit when I came in to feed him this morning (I fed him in the middle of the night too, but we were both not in giggling mood).

Goodbye bassinet:

Simon has a shockingly small amount of long sleeve shirts (that aren't sweaters) in his current size, or maybe it just seems like it. We were breaking out a new one today, but let's just say it only lasted through one nap and about an hour or two of being awake:


Lastly, here are today's "artisan" loaves, chocolate and cranberry:

IMG_0568 IMG_0569

By the way, we are calorie counting now... and these have many delicious calories. Mmm.


  1. We bought long sleeved white T's at target to go under Gracie's short sleeved stuff. :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jamie! We finally made it to Target and today he's already been through 2 of the long sleeved white shirts (and they were under other shirts)! Man, that kid can spit up (and pee)... but I do love being able to use his short sleeved shirts!