Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodbye Weekend

Another busy week is coming to a close...and yet another busy week is getting ready to happen! It almost doesn't make sense, but I guess we owe a lot of week-night busy-ness to Jamund's being in the Bishopric of a BYU singles ward (church congregation). The new semester brought a lot of new students, and they have been having frequent meetings to get to know new kids, decide how they can best serve in the ward, etc.

This last week involved many exciting additions to our home, including:

Sourdough starter!

This really is like having a pet, what with it having to be fed and given a home, etc. I keep it primarily in the fridge, thus limiting its "food" intake to roughly once a week. I made a loaf on Thursday/Friday and am making one tonight (to be baked tomorrow):


We used it this weekend for a nice side to freshly made tomato soup (with tomatoes from the garden) and as a base for tuna melts. Mmmmm.


Jamund's mom, step dad Steve, and little brother Jer came to visit us this weekend to meet our little man and watch Conference.


I'm not sure why the boys' faces are wonky in this photo, but apparently Jer and baby's relationship was on the rocks at this moment.... just kidding. Baby loved meeting his first uncle (of which he has many), and he had many smiles for Grandma Sande and Grandpa Steve.

Here is a mother-and-son photo:


And another mother-and-son photo (extra short hair being semi-accidental/haircut gone awry):


And as for my accounting....

Baby sweater is knit and sewn! And baby didn't even prematurely grow out of it! Phew!

IMG_0594 IMG_0597

Maybe for Halloween he can be Little Red Riding Hood... (I tried convincing Jamund that a "girl" would be such an easy Halloween costume for the little guy, but he adamantly refused. Other ideas include: Harry Potter, Dracula, a turkey, a shopping bag, a pea pod, Totoro, a Moomintroll, Oscar the Grouch-- we have a perfect garbage can for this, etc.) A final decision has yet to be reached...

Perhaps my favorite moment of the weekend (give or take a few words):

Jer (age 9) after eating some homemade pizza that I made for lunch: "This is better than Domino's! And it's even a little better than Pizza Hut!"

And, just because I'm feeling generous, a bonus play by play:

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0525 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

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