Monday, October 18, 2010

(Not) bullet bike.

I keep accidentally calling it a bullet bike, but the newest addition to our family is definitely not a bullet bike. It is a bucket bike...which is quite different (thankfully) than a bullet bike!


We heard about the "1st Annual Madsen Bike Rally" on the NieNie Dialogues blog, and I was intrigued by these so-called bucket bikes. Jamund, Simon, and I crashed the rally (despite not having one of the bikes) so as to inspect the bikes in person (the candied almonds, cider, and donuts were also good motivations to attend).

Stephanie and her husband Christian were so lovely, as were the members of the Madsen family (particularly "Grandpa" Madsen, originally from Denmark, who kept us company while everyone else went on the bike ride and we stayed behind to feed Simon). Grandpa Madsen and his wife even held Simon while Jamund took me for a spin on the bike that would, later that evening, become our very own:


But seriously. I sat in the bucket (it has seats) and we rode around the park.

The bike we purchased was a "demo" and older model, so we got a pretty darn sweet deal (especially with the "NieNie" special discount applied because we bought it at the rally). And we even got free t-shirts too. Nice.

We are excited for future days when Simon (and future babies) can actually sit in the bucket seat and we can ride around town. Happy days! Happy Christmas and anniversary gift to us!

We highly recommend any and all of you to check it out. It's really not hard to ride. Although I must say, I was pretty nervous being a passenger with Jamund at the helm...!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


  1. Congratulations on your Madsen!! It looks great. I know folks who have had good luck getting an infant seat in the bucket, so you could start carrying your little guy right away! :) Check out and Enjoy!

  2. Oh I am so jealous! That looks so fun! I hope you will post future photos with baby (or Jamund) enjoying the bucket!

    Also, thank you--I've actually found a ton of cute maternity tops at Ross for cheap (like $7 a pop). They're hit or miss, but some weeks it is pure gold. I had to get bigger sizes to cover this giant baby though.