Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Remember that scene in "Mary Poppins" when the mom comes back from her "Votes for Women" march and starts dancing around the house singing about how great she is for empowering women? Well, I just sang a bit of that song to Simon in celebration of our sticking it to the man, specifically the plumber man.

We have had a very clogged master bathroom sink for, oh, probably the whole time we've lived here. Well, it wasn't always very clogged, but it progressed to the point where not even the "miracle" liquid pipe cleaners could power through the clog to clear it.

So, I called up a number of plumbing companies to ask what their prices are for clogged drains, if they came to do free estimates, etc. I settled on having Action plumbing come out to look at it since I had a $33 off coupon.

They called around 1:15 p.m. to say the plumber was "on his way" and would be here just after 2. Around 3, he rolls in, turns on the faucet for about 5-10 seconds, and then looks at me and says it'll be around $150 to fix (I can't even remember the exact price, I was so flabbergasted by how high it was). Other plumbers had estimated $89 over the phone, and I told him this. He refused to budge, saying that these other plumbers give low quotes but then will end up charging "$310" (?!?!).

Needless to say, I sent Steve on his way about 3 minutes after he arrived at my door. (How sick are we of these people who come to our house to perform services and end up being terrible? Very sick. See the link in the last post to our JCPenney letter).

While feeding baby, I looked up how to unclog a drain online. I then had to deal with some bread...

... but then I put baby in his bouncy chair in the bathroom and got to work.

My tools: a big plastic bowl (left behind from a ward potluck at our house-- thanks Chad Ruger), a gdiapers poop/swish stick, my "cleaning" toothbrush, and a little wrench thing (I'm not a tool person).

Roughly twenty minutes later and we have a functioning, draining sink again!

So, I fixed our sink and made some buttercup squash bread in the meantime (in the oven as I type). So there, handymen. I am a handywoman.



  1. That bread looks so yummy! Is it yeast or sour?

  2. you are the woman! Way to go Kari!

  3. Heather: yeast, hence the crazy rising going on in the first picture. but we have some sour rising tonight!

    Kim: thanks!!

  4. are hysterical. More women should be daring like you! Women can do much more than they think they can in the "fix-it" department.