Friday, October 22, 2010

Selling Out

Local friends,

We are in the process of cleaning out lots of things from our house. Jamund just unloaded a car-full at DI, but we have a few things that we would love to get a couple bucks for if possible. We thought we'd open it up to friends first and then try our luck on KSL or craigslist.

Here's a little list:

1. Some vintage coats: I have a few that I'm planning to get rid of in different colors/styles. E-mail me if you're about my same size and would like some photos.

2. A "buffet": it's a sturdy piece of furniture that has top "flaps" (that sounds flimsy, but they are wood) that open up so you can have extra space on top (like for a buffet... hmm). It also has shelves:



3. TV: It's great and works really well, we just got a new one when we moved in and haven't used this one since (Toshiba brand):


4. DVD/VHS combo: I've had more luck with this one than our new one that we bought to "match" our new TV. Comes with remote. Toshiba brand, I think. (Both TV and DVD/VHS come with remotes)


5. This:


6. Some printers. Copier/scanner combos, I think. We have, if I'm correct, 3 printers right now. We only need 1.

7. Sandwich maker featuring the wonderful...


8. Hand blender (new in box):


9. Fondue set (new in box):


10. This (new in box):


More things will probably be coming once we clean out the garage, storage room, and downstairs closet... but for now, if you want anything, let us know and make an offer!


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