Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White (or grey) Christmas?

I'm not really a huge snow fan, but I decided this morning that if I'm going to be sick with a cold, be in my house mostly, be in Utah for Christmas, and it will still be freezing outside anyway, then it might as well snow and stick.

I mean, come on, Utah. Work with me here. At least let it look pretty for Christmas rather than just be bitterly cold.

UPDATE (as of not very much later): It is now snowing here. We shall see if it sticks or not!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Photos

Our parents like family pictures. So, for Christmas, we obliged. Not only did we oblige, but we actually did outdoor photographs rather than "in studio" and solicited the expertise of my old friend and photographer/musician/barber extraordinaire, Drew Danbury.


It was lovely. We got two CDs chock full of photos and the ability to print them off as we pleased! Way more worth it than going "studio" wise and getting only a few poses and then paying them so much to print off the photos (and having to wait weeks to get the pictures).

Plus, we get gems like these:



And cute father/son and mother/son:



And this classic wherein Jamund's shoe is untied, Simon's belly is hanging out, and my shirt is ponchy (no faults of Drew, he even told Jamund about the shoe earlier). But hey, not looking bad for being about three months pregnant, right? (yes, indeed)


Happy 6 days before Christmas, people!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bads and Goods

Sometimes bad things happen, right? But sometimes the bad things happen in good (or "best possible") ways.

Take these two incidents, happening within 24 hours of each hour (AKA the last day):

1. Jamund stayed home from work yesterday because he wasn't feeling well (BAD). However, he suggested we go to Costco together (where I had planned to go the next morning with Simon) for dinner and shopping since he was bored/feeling better (GOOD).

We went in the Suzuki, and the battery light came and stayed on. I looked in the manual, which recommended taking it to the dealership (which we rejected—too far, too late, we don't really like the dealership). We figured it would be fine.

Well, the car starting dying on the freeway about 5-10 minutes from home (we wouldn't have been able to make it to the dealership had we tried). On the freeway! In pretty busy traffic! In the freezing cold! With construction! (BAD)

We managed to make it to an emergency pullout, and Jamund called Geico (our insurance). They got and said they'd take care of the tow truck (GOOD). After about an hour and assistance from a cop, the incident management (I think) truck (to push us further into the emergency pullout lane and farther from the freeway), Jamund's coworker Rob (who drove Simon and I while Jamund rode in the tow truck), we were safe and sound. (GOOD).

Simon peed through his clothes and I didn't have a backup (BAD) but we ate a Mountain West Burrito (GOOD) before Rob dropped us off at home.

We, of course, left the house keys on the keychain with the car at the mechanic (BAD), but our garage has a keypad code thing and we were able to make it in the house (GOOD).

Anyway, (BAD) for the car to break down (still awaiting the diagnosis) but SO GOOD that Jamund was there. What if it had been this morning, when Simon and I had planned to go? That would've been double bad.

2. (Disclaimer: not all the following happened in the last day): My wedding ring has this problem. The small black diamonds in the center (there are many in a circle, basically) like to fall out (BAD). Luckily, Zales replaces them (GOOD). While my ring is currently gone for repairs, I have been wearing this pearl ring that my mom and I got a long time ago.

Today while I was getting lunch ready/on the table, I heard something drop and looked under the table to find the pearl! Sure enough, I looked down at my hand and the pearl was not on the ring (BAD). Seriously, though? Really? My ring is gone because some stones fall out and now the same general thing happens to the "replacement" ring??

Luckily, it had this prong thing and I just stuck the pearl back on and it seems to be fine (GOOD). Also good that it happened at home where I was aware of it than out and about where I probably wouldn't have heard or noticed it immediately (GOOD).

Anyway, I'm thinking I may need a ring tattoo or something. Any ideas? ;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Skinny Jeans

Yesterday I read some articles/comments (one such here)regarding the BYU-Idaho kerfuffle on "skinny jeans."

Jamund and I discussed said kerfuffle and came to some conclusions, which may or may not be controversial to you readers (on either end of the opinion spectrum) and which may or may not prove evidence to the fact that we are "old" and grown up and more conservative than we were in the past.

Anyway, some conclusions.

I think kids are missing the point here. The point, to me, is modesty, not how many rules BYU-I can impose on a student's wardrobe.

In my opinion, you could be wearing clothing head to toe and still be immodest, say, if your clothes are skin tight/see-through, etc. I think this is what the "anti-skinny jeans" measure is really getting at.

It makes me sad that LDS (or any, really) girls or guys want to wear skin tight pants (or shirts, etc.). Why? Well, they really don't look good on most people, and it's just awkward and often leads Jamund and I, at least, to cringe and/or make catty remarks (we're catty, it's a bad habit).

Also, it's really not all that modest, guys. It's just not. Sure, you're wearing clothes and your rear end isn't exposed to the world in all its glory.... but it is in a good deal of its glory, and it's not all that glorious in most cases, let's be frank. (This goes for leggings when worn without a dress or loose shirt that goes to one's knees as well, in my opinion. Leggings are worse, though, because they are sometimes a bit see-through too.)

Wear some proper pants that actually fit and look good on you! Be modest. Modesty does not have to equal ugly, either, which makes me recall the point that skinny jeans DO NOT LOOK GOOD OR ATTRACTIVE on MOST people. Thank you.

So, good for BYU-I for banning/not banning (it still seems unclear to me as to what exactly is/was the consensus) skinny jeans. They don't want their students to look like sweet hoes (ho's?)? They want them to avoid "form fitting" clothes? They want them to try to look their best? Good for them. I agree.

....So does this make me ready to have teenagers?

p.s. Just so you know that our family has its own fashion difficulties and doesn't claim perfection... behold Simon in his winter-going with the parents to vote-attire:

IMG_1210 IMG_1217

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a bit late but... are some Halloween photos of Baby-braham Lincoln.

IMG_1096 IMG_1090

He was not at all pleased to have a beard or a hat in this case (don't be fooled if he looks happy in these photos as they may or may not have been taken mid cry/struggle). We did no trick or treating.


However, other Halloween/fall festivities included pumpkins and trying to eat fortune cookies through the wrapper (and without the wrapper in a few cases):

IMG_1052 IMG_1105

And we had our traditional Jack-o-Latern pizza, although the yellow cherry/grape (?)tomatoes weren't as effective as red and the cheese got a bit toasty, overall marring the effect.


Ah well, it still tasted good.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sicky baby

Yesterday after his nap, Simon wasn't a happy boy. He seemed tired still, so I held him and tried to get him back to sleep, but it wasn't happening. I gave him his afternoon bottle of milk, and that seemed to help him. I was reading on the couch while he played in his play room. Then he started crying, so I got up (then bent down) to give him a hug. And he threw up all over my shoulder, himself, and the carpet.

I cleaned us up a bit, stuck him in his crib, then went downstairs to clean the vomit off the carpet and call Papa to come home. Luckily it was only a little bit before 5 p.m., so Jamund could leave promptly.

We tried feeding Simon a little dinner, and he seemed happy about it... until he threw up again. It didn't seem like he had a great night's sleep either, poor little man. At breakfast,we gave him some white toast with butter and cinnamon/sugar, some saltines, some applesauce, and his milk. He threw up a little bit again.

We cuddled most of the morning in his chair, and he took two little naps today. No more vomiting but diarrhea... Oh man. Babies having the flu is gross. And smelly.

Hopefully he's getting better. I gave him some warm water with honey and lemon in it a bit ago and that seemed to make him happy. We plan to drive down to Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow morning... Hopefully that will be a success?

Though it's been kind of nice to have a slower day and cuddles, here's hoping our little man is on the mend!

photo not related to post in time or subject

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day Off

As Jamie alluded to in her comment on my previous blog post, Simon not taking a morning nap does have the advantage of allowing us to do things in the mornings... such as shopping trips, excursions, etc.

One Monday morning, Jamund was hanging around/not going to work as usual, and then decided not to go to work period. So we had to make a decision: the zoo or the aquarium? The aquarium was decided upon because: (1) it was closer (2) it was closer to the Cheesecake Factory (lunch) (3) it was closer to the Dunford Donuts factory and (4) it was indoor and thus wouldn't be as freezing as the zoo.

We packed up the car, bundled up anyway, and went. Upon arrival, we were less than enthused as it looked (from the outside) like a glorified pet store turned aquarium. We are used to, respectively, theMonterey Bay Aquarium and the Seattle Aquarium, so we had to adjust our thinking a little bit.


But it was actually pretty nice inside. Still small and no massive tanks that are like three stories tall/wide... but good for a baby with a relatively short attention span.

They had the normal fare like sting rays:

IMG_1163 IMG_1165

Local fish:




But they also had a cool South America exhibit with piranhas and spiders and at least one electric eel, and this dude (plus a friend who was hanging out in back):


And PENGUINS! We liked the penguins.

IMG_1177 IMG_1196


So then we went to Cheesecake Factory where Simon charmed/flirted with older ladies at nearby tables and we ordered some of our usual (which can include either samosas or Asian chicken lettuce wraps appetizers from the healthy menu and either farfalle with chicken and roasted garlic or bang bang chicken and shrimp).

And yes, Jamund went to Dunford Bakers (they make the chocolate cake donuts you can buy at Costco... at least at our Costco). I stayed in the car with sleeping Simon. Jamund bought donut holes and various donuts for under $4. Happiness ensued.


So I guess no morning nap isn't all bad?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

so yeah

I could apologize for not blogging for over a month, but ah well. It happened. Let's move on.

I'm tired, it's cold, the little man is only taking one nap a day (unless he is wonderful on Sundays and naps a bit before church)... life got hard. Not too hard, but harder than when he took two naps! And harder because he now walks, climbs, throws things, makes messes, bangs me on the head, etc. But he also is saying "peas" (please) and "tay tou" (or something like that for "thank you"). Sometimes. We're working on it.

Right now he is getting into some CD cases while wearing a yellow mixing bowl on his head as a hat.

He loves hats. And maybe even more than hats, things that are not actually hats but can become ones (mixing bowls, containers, etc.).

Such as:


Don't judge us.

In other news, I may or may not have watched the new "Hunger Games" trailer 5 times yesterday (after rereading all the books over the past few weeks). We also have a small mouse somewhere in the house (?). It was under our/in our bed last time it was spotted on Sunday night. Comforting, right?

Someday I will post about: Halloween (Baby-braham Lincoln), going to the aquarium, the new library, life in general... Get excited, people. Get excited.

Friday, October 7, 2011

oh yes

So it's been awhile.

We've been doing things like:

(attempting to get the baby fed without too much harm/damage to face/body/clothes)



(eating garden foods, preserving garden foods, etc.)

(making a sweet skateboarding/bike cake for a kid we don't know... service, you know)

(enjoying summer while it lasted... hello, it snowed here yesterday!)

(falling in like with Awful Waffle and then realizing after another go that maybe it wasn't as awesome as we thought. Still good, but you know, it's a waffle. But it did entice us to purchase this which is so good)

Oh, and lest we forget:

(going to Brick Oven, which is better than we thought, although I'm still not sure about the pizza. It just wasn't what I expected. But Jamund really liked it.)

Friday, September 9, 2011


The other night we had a picnic at Rock Canyon Park.


Simon wanted to climb down towards the soccer/football teams practicing.

It was fun.

On a not very related note, there is a white pigeon (?) that I've seen on our roof twice now. It's kind of weird, but maybe we should take it as a good sign? Unless it's building a nest in something important up there (vents, etc.). Then it would be bad.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

milk man is back

We had quit Winder Farms back in May, I think, after getting fed up with the website and standing order requirements.

But then we had a change of heart and decided it's nice to get our groceries delivered (especially with winter coming). Plus, we (Simon) go(es) through milk like... a baby cow (?)...these days. Well, maybe not as much as a baby cow. I don't have experience with knowing how much milk a baby cow goes through in a week. But we can now reasonably meet the standing order requirement of Winder Farms.

Plus, Jamund liked it and we got a bunch of free stuff for signing back up.

Here was our first order back (with lots of free stuff):



Monday, September 5, 2011

swing happy

Swinging at the park inevitably brings the little man joy.


It's the simple things.


Saturday, September 3, 2011


I gave Simon a haircut.

People were sometimes thinking he was a girl, despite his wearing boy clothes and such. He is just too pretty. Or had too long of hair.


Here is a series of photos documenting the haircut.





And the mess of hair:


Friday, September 2, 2011

little keyboardist

We have a mini Korg. Which is a good thing when you have a mini person.


Action shot:


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The look of disdain

When my parents came, Simon whipped out the scowl. He now whips it out for most strangers and sometimes warms up and gives them a smile, sometimes not so much.

So here is not quite the scowl...



quite appropriate

When my parents were here, Jamund and I had a date night to La Jolla Groves for dinner and then up to Sundance to see "The Sound of Music" outside.


It was pretty good, pretty cold, pretty uncomfortable seating... We sat on the grass at first but then Jamund's boss and his wife (who were also there) told us there were open seats in the actual seating area by the stage right in front of them, so we sat there after intermission.

After Maria and the Von Trapps finished the show by "walking off into the mountains" to escape the Nazis, we also got to walk off into the mountains to go to our car. It was funny to see tons of us walking up this path into the depths of Sundance to get to the parking lot. Very appropriate after seeing "Sound of Music."

Before the show, we took some photos. Simon lately started making this disdainful frowning face at most people (usually strangers but sometimes me, apparently if I'm doing something disdainful?), so we decided to impersonate him:


Then I thought we were still impersonating him, but apparently we were not.


I figured it out eventually.


I think Jamund has at least one photo of Simon doing the frowning face on his phone, so I'll try to remember and post one later. It's pretty ridiculous.