Monday, February 28, 2011

Life this week

Simon is playing in his crib, grabbing his feet, and being generally a good boy. I think I woke him up when a shelf of cookbooks fell over, resulting in a large crash in the kitchen... Sorry baby!

He's almost crawling, which is nice and terrifying at the same time. He already excels at scooting around on his back, and he can get pretty much anywhere he likes with a combination of this back scooting and rolling over at opportune times.

We also bought two of these "Indestructible" baby books, and he's been trying his best to destruct them.... and me.

IMG_0481 IMG_0483

IMG_0486 IMG_0489

In other news, I've made this:


with some of the fruit we got from Winder Farms (see last post).... and this pizza:


with some of the potatoes (recipe from the new "My Bread" book I recently got).

I also got this...


...which, based on previous experience, I believe to be a stye (see how one bottom eyelid is puffier than the other). As Jamund so nicely put it last night, it's kind of like a pimple on your eyelid. I think it resulted from earlier this week when I had some issues with makeup and mascara getting in my eye. Anyway, styes feel like someone punched you in the eye. So it's not so much fun--I'm not wearing contacts or eye makeup either right now--especially with a baby who loves to grab glasses off of your face.

Hooray! Another week of being a mom and baby (and working papa)!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We eat.

Yesterday was a day of fine food, strange food, and trauma.

Trauma resulted from shopping.

Fine food was, well, not actually fine, more like guilty pleasures, AKA:


The large brownie sundae at the BYU creamery. Thankfully we split it, and we couldn't even finish it. We did eat the Graham Canyon scoop and some of the Earnestly Chocolate. Graham Canyon, where have you been all my life? At the BYU Creamery. I know.

Our produce box from Winder Farms was supposed to have all kinds of vegetables.


Instead it had all kinds of fruit and three potatoes. We called, we complained, we are getting a full refund. Yes (enthusiastic arm pump). (Arm pump? Oh man. Have I've been doing too many exercise videos?).


Friday, February 18, 2011

Rascal Baby

So, we have a baby, and we like him a lot. He's pretty darn cute and happy most of the time. Last night, he was sitting in his seat at the table, absolutely loving Papa. It was probably the happiest he had ever been to see Papa (or anyone, for that matter) in his life. I should've videoed it for posterity. I would try to get his attention. He would glance at me (somewhat seriously) and then immediately look back at Papa, smiling and laughing and being all kinds of excited. Oh well. Maybe he likes Papa because Papa does things like this:


(Diaper laundry)


They are kindred spirits, probably.

Here are some photos of how I've found Simon after sleeping:

IMG_0446 IMG_0448
Don't worry, we found his arm.


And here the boy is, likely plotting how he can eat the phone/camera.

IMG_0454 IMG_0455

...and making his attempt (note the outstretched arm):


On a similar note, I now have a video or two of the inside of Simon's mouth... he tries to eat nearly everything.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Month 7

Simon celebrated 7 months of being a real person on February 10. I made a pear/apple tart with some wheat pastry flour and sucanat. Fancy! Not really, but it did taste pretty good.


Simon is enjoying waving frequently, but usually only when in his high chair. It's unclear whether he understands the significance of waving or just has seen us urging him to do it for so long that he finally gave in.


He has similarly yet to grasp that books and cards are for reading, not sticking directly in his mouth (despite what some of these pictures show):

IMG_0422 IMG_0425

IMG_0424 IMG_0428

(Valentine's Day card courtesy of Grandma McClelland)

And then, some days, he is just plain tuckered out. Even if it's only breakfast time.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby talk

Is there anything cuter than hearing a baby happily babbling to himself?

I love it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby is helping write this post...

...proof?:, kl,/

bbbbmmmmmmmmmm mmvggggvtmgmmmg bbhnb gbhhhhh

Now to the real post.

To make up for that last, long, photo-less post, here are some Simon pictures:
IMG_0390 IMG_0391

IMG_0397 IMG_0398


And now for the comic relief... Here is how I found Simon today after waking up from his two naps:

A.M. Nap:

P.M. Nap:


What am I supposed to do with this?

Losing the Baby Weight

I have been wanting to write a post about exercise. Get ready! This is long!

See, at our wedding, I wasn't the skinniest of the bunch. Don't get married right after Christmas. (Maybe true, but it's also just an excuse!) I should've been healthier, but alas, I wasn't.

So around Easter of that next year, I was at a weight I wasn't exactly excited about, and I decided to try to lose some poundage (especially to prepare for our cruise coming that July). I lost almost 20 pounds from April to July, then we moved to our new house and I stopped exercising as much and counting calories. Then I got pregnant and decided to exercise again (more towards the end... I was worried about miscarriage in the early months).

I attribute my short pushing time during labor to exercising each day during the last months of pregnancy (pretty much up to the day before I went into the hospital, I think). Oh, and I had gained about 40 pounds during pregnancy. Roughly 40 pounds! With exercise! (Granted, he was over 10 pounds on his own)

Then about a week or so after having Simon, I was down about 30 pounds from my pregnancy high, and about maybe 8 pounds from my starting weight.

I started exercising again after my 6 week postpartum check up. CONFESSION: I love exercise DVDs. Almost too much. I have quite the collection, and I like to mix them up, do a few minutes of one then go to another, etc.

This is my advice: do both toning and cardio. Don't just do one DVD every day for months. In my mind, you need toning, aerobic/cardio, weights, stretching (yoga, etc.) in order to be balanced and do good things for your body.

Also... you need to exercise consistently and do it for a LONG TIME. As in, months, years, forever... You can't just stop exercising. If you want to see and keep results, it has to become habit. I'm finally just starting to see real definition in my arms, and I've been lifting weights for a long time. It can get discouraging, but how nice is it to not have flabby arms!?

But yes, exercise needs to be a part of who you are. At least that's how I feel about it.

Anyway, in addition to exercise (I tend to do 40-60 minutes a day during the week, weekends maybe 20-40 minutes on average... Sundays are yoga/light days), I count calories. I eat about 2000 calories, sometimes more, while breastfeeding. I never had much success with weight loss until I started counting calories. For Christmas I got an electronic (food) scale, and man, I love it. I use it ALL the time. Awesome. It takes a bit more time to count calories, but it works. It really does.

We also "weigh in" each night (on a precise electronic scale) and write down our weights on a little calendar. It's good for accountability and long term tracking.

With all of this (exercising pre baby and post baby, breastfeeding, counting calories, not having a c-section, etc.), I have now lost about (give or take) 60 pounds from my pregnancy high. I'm about 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and I'm about 1.5 pounds away from my goal (which is in my "healthy" weight range).

I've probably lost (on average) about 1-2 pounds a week. Now I'm almost obsessed with exercising, which is a strange thing for me. I now even wish I had studied exercise science in college (where does this come from? who am I?)! I am currently trying to conquer pilates.

Speaking of which, here are my recommendations for exercise DVD's:

Tanya Djelevic's Cardio Burn Sculpt: Awesome, I used this most of the time from end of August-December. Tanya is great.

Gaiam's 5 Day Fit Weight Loss: This has one of the Cardio Burn routines on it, plus a really good yoga and walking routine that I like for cardio.

Kathy Smith Peel off the Pounds Pilates: This one is pretty cheesy, but it is my "toning" DVD. It has a good weight routine and leg toning routine. I use it almost every other day.

Right now I'm trying out the 5 Day Fit pilates from Gaiam. I also use some yoga DVD's (Suzanne Deason and Denise Austen). My favorite exercise DVDs are from Gaiam.

Well, that's my two cents. Sense?

Friday, February 4, 2011

For Jamund


Jamund wanted me to write a post about favorites (or something like that), including:

1. "Monarch of the Glen" (as posted about last time). It is a BBC Scottish TV show that we have been watching pretty much everyday since last Thursday (maybe we didn't watch it on Saturday?). We now sometimes talk to each other in Scottish accents, and I've just been thinking to myself in a Scottish accent. I also called Simon "lad" without meaning to do so. Oh dear.

2. Chocolate Souffle desserts from our "Cooking Light" cookbook. Roughly 200 calories each. Soooo good.

3. My Hair: I have been "growing" it out (it's still so short) and it's been looking... rough. But then I rediscovered my hair straightener, and now it actually looks pretty good, so there you go. Hair straighteners. Way to go.

Other favorites for today...

Cleaning out (finishing what we started last fall)

Organizing taxes (maybe we'll even get some money back.. or break even... baby + lots of contract work that hasn't been taxed yet = ??)

Homemade sloppy joe's and hamburger buns (need to get on this soon!)

Installing a new printer/copier (basically the same as our old one--newer, but same features--but this one has ink whereas the old one was running low and I couldn't find replacement cartridges...!)

Time to go... I need to finish installing the printer, put in a load of diapers, start the hamburger buns, take care of baby... Busy day!