Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wrapped Up


The little man loves sheets. Blankets. Towels. Basically anything that he can grab and roll around in/with. When he was smaller, he absolutely loved when I would fold sheets and "fling" them out over his head and then bring them back to fold them. He still thinks it's pretty great, but now he can actually grab and eat the laundry, so, you know, some sheet flinging is a little less exciting. Growing up is hard on parents. You just become more and more dispensable.

IMG_0670 IMG_0668

IMG_0671 IMG_0669

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walk Wednesday

Sorry for the deluge of posts tonight (seriously, four? is that right?). But, these photos are cute and document one of our "Wednesday Walks."

IMG_1411 IMG_1414

IMG_1416 IMG_1417

We walked to the high school, kicked around a soccer ball, and then I froze on the walk home because of the wind and my not wearing a coat/sweater. Why is Utah so windy lately!? Speaking of which, our car is getting fixed... Hub Cap City in Lindon fixed our wheel (for a small fraction of the cost of a new wheel... which supposedly cost roughly $400-$600?!), and the Suzuki dealership is fixing the door/ordering a replacement part for it (the whole door fix will end up costing more than the wheel repair....) Oh wind. Nature costs, eh?


a first time for everything

Donuts. Yes.


They were more like funnel cake donuts than traditional donuts, which, depending on your point of view, could be good or wonderful.


p.s. this one time (Sunday) we made eggs benedict on pancakes with turkey instead of Canadian bacon. It was surprisingly delicious.


Another Sundae

We went to the BYU Creamery on Monday, hoping for some Graham Canyon, but the girl serving us said they weren't making it anymore. What?! We think it was a misunderstanding, although it wasn't up front... but we found (and bought) some in the freezer in the back. No more Graham Canyon? Could this be true?!

We pulled ourselves together and got some German Chocolate ice cream in a sundae. Simon was obviously excited.


And, obviously, so was I.


Being a baby

Sometimes Simon does cute things like trying to stand on his own


or visiting horses (who try to eat him... reminiscent of an experience I once had with a certain horse, for those of you who recall those photos):

IMG_0614 IMG_0613

There is also eating of green things...

IMG_0601 IMG_0607

...and generally being chubby.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Parked City

We decided to make our annual Park City outlets trip this past Saturday, mainly because we had 30% off at Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy. (And let me tell you, Jamund enjoyed this 30% off, and we got a lot of great deals as a result... spending money to save money, right?)

However, the trip ended up being more of an adventure than we originally bargained for, due to us running over a large rock on the way up to Park City. Jamund was driving behind a large truck who swerved to miss the rock. He tried to swerve as well and ended up swerving right on top of it. The tire pretty much immediately died. Or should I say the wheel... The tire actually looks okay, it's the wheel that is severely dented!

(photo taken after removing wheel from car)


Anyway, it was quite dramatic: freezing, huge gusts of wind (we were stopped right by a "lake" in the mountains), a screwed up jack whose extender rod was less than ideal, leading to Jamund having to hand crank it leading to little getting done... Luckily, a nice man stopped (after seeing us, doing some errands, coming back and seeing us still there). He had a hydraulic jack and helped us get the spare tire on... then drove Jamund to Heber after we realized the spare tire was also flat... then took Jamund to a local tire shop when the spare tire didn't have the part that lets you put air into the tire... then drove Jamund back to the car... then helped us get on our way... Bless that man's heart.

Quite an ordeal. Oh, speaking of the huge gusts of wind... we had taken out the large plastic trunk mat and put it on the ground because we thought the jack might be in a secret compartment in the trunk (our CRV has such a compartment). Enter huge gust of wind, goodbye trunk mat: that thing blew away so fast, right into traffic... oh man, we probably freaked out that car that happened to pass at the moment! Luckily the mat avoided hitting any cars, and Jamund was running after it like crazy (eventually wrangling it and bringing it back). Unluckily, the side passenger door was also open at the time, and now it sounds awful opening and closing. We're going to get it checked out tomorrow.

Sigh. Here are some photos:

1. Getting the spare off the back of the car.

2. Our temporary freezing home.

3. Taken from where Jamund ending up catching the trunk mat.

4. "Crap."

After the ordeal, we drove into Heber and stopped at Chick's for a scone, hot cocoa, and soup:




You know a place is going to be good/bad when you see this out back:


More on the rest of the day later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big 0-8

As mentioned in the previous post, Simon is now 8 months old. As such, he has now eaten some baby food with chicken in it, some cheese (which may or may not have caused his vomit episode also mentioned in the previous post), yogurt, tofu, and egg yolk. So far, yogurt and egg yolk are beating out the competition as preferred foods.

Oh, before I forget, the lemon meringue pie survived; however, the brown sugar juices oozing from the free form strawberry galette over the sides of the cookie sheet and onto the bottom of the oven may or may not (may) have caused a small oven fire (that I was able to blow out)...

Now, here are some photos commemorating Simon's 8 month birthday (at Costco), as well as him being serious, feeding himself egg yolk, and discovering the wonders of the Popple.


IMG_0552 IMG_0553



IMG_0574 IMG_0576

Simon in his neon world:


Monday, March 14, 2011

On pizza, burritos, pie, vomit, and hair.

I am currently trying to salvage a lemon meringue pie (by leaving it in a turned off but still warm oven?) that is seeping fluid... seeping might not be the most appropriate word, but there is fluid and I am convinced it has ruined the crust by sogging it all up. (Sogging apparently isn't a word, but I've been reading "The BFG," so maybe it's okay). I am not very good at making pies.

Hopefully the pie isn't a lost cause... because we have a lot of people coming over from the singles ward tonight in honor of FHE and "Pi(e) Day." I've made a chocolate pie as well, and still have a strawberry galette and buttermilk pie to come (Jamund is making the buttermilk pie). Oh, and we're making about a bajazillion (bajazillion? couldn't decide between bazillion and bajillion) pizzas (pizza "pie"? get it?). Well, a lot anyway.

Here are 2 snapshots of our kitchen yesterday in the midst of my preparing two pie crusts (one of which now may or may not be ruined under a layer of lemon and meringue?), two loaves of bread, waffles, eggs, and chocolate pie filling:

IMG_1356 IMG_1354

I guess the two crusts were in the fridge or something. Oh wait-- there is one cooling on the counter.

So, yes, yesterday was crazy. Simon was (not) adjusting well to daylight savings time/eating new foods like cheese/being over 8 months old and decided that my baking way too many things at one time was not enough excitement... and so he decided it was the right time for his first proper vomit (sorry for the graphic photo):



I also got my hair cut on Saturday by Patrick at Shep in Provo:


Also, has anyone been to Mountain West Burrito? We're planning on trying it out this Saturday. Let us know if you want to come along. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

shrove tuesday = pancake day

Before getting into the joys that are Pancake Day, here are a few older photos:

Note Simon's skunk hair and my silly face. Oh, and the delicious brownie sundae.

Lovely coconut chocolate bread from Jim Lahey's My Bread cookbook. It didn't last long in the house. Maybe a day or two before it was all eaten up!

Now on to Pancake Day.


Having both resided in England, we were quite excited to celebrate Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) for ourselves yesterday. I made traditional British pancakes (meaning, like thick crepes rather than fluffy cakes), and we had them with a variety of "condiments," although my favorites ended up being: lemon and sugar OR cinnamon/sugar and butter. So lovely.

Blurry photo:

Happy about pancakes:

Remains of Jamund's lunch leftovers (spoon and knife?):

p.s. yearly hair chop by Patrick coming up on Saturday... thinking Jean Seberg in "Breathless".... short! (It would have to be, right? My hair isn't that long right now!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

is it cold in here?

It would seem that he is trying to tell me something...


...positioning himself atop the heating vent, holding a sun?

Do I need to turn up the heat or something?