Saturday, April 30, 2011

For the love of a cute baby...

In the midst of the birthday and snow days, Simon has been cute and teaching himself to do things like stand up in his playpen and crib. Nice.

IMG_0922 IMG_0926

He's also been trying to climb the stairs.

IMG_0904 IMG_0907

I think he has very high self esteem.

We also had a nice snack time together the other day.


...although Simon apparently had some issues with snack slippage.

IMG_0900 IMG_0899

I'd like to place the blame for the fuzzy photos on the fact that he moves so fast, but it's probably just me.

p.s. Have you tried to win the awesome print on We Review Utah? Today is the last day! You don't even need to live in Utah to win! And thanks to those who have commented already-- odds are in your favor with this one, guys. (i.e., we threw a party and not many people have come so far, if you catch my drift...) Do it! Please? It's not really that hard, and I would be quite chuffed.

p.p.s. How long has this season of "Biggest Loser" been?! At least makeover week is finally upon us. Thank goodness the neck/chin beard kid is still on the show, I was getting worried he wouldn't make it until this episode, and then where would he be?!

Jamund's Birth Commemoration

Yes, Jamund was born about 28 years ago now.

We celebrated with some Pizzeria 712 and dessert at the Chocolate.

Also with a Sweet Tooth Fairy cakebite at home (I forgot to bring a candle out):

IMG_0118 IMG_0120

I'm not sure what his favorite present was, but I'm excited that I got him an exercise DVD (hehe) and tickets to see "The Sound of Music" at Sundance (outdoor). Don't worry, I also got him some things he was legitimately wanting. I think.


Welcome back, winter

These photos were taken on Thursday, I believe:



(Note the new landscaping-- rocks. Oh, and the ominous sky overhead...)

These photos were taken Friday. As in the next day:



Thanks Utah! (Better snow than tornadoes, though).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royally Impressed Giveaway

Yes, that is right. There is a giveaway on We Review Utah right now. You all need to enter. Even if you don't live in Utah. Why? Let me count the ways.

1. It is from Rowley Press, owned by the lovely Leland Rowley, a sincerely nice guy.

2. It is a beautifully illustrated map of the Royal Wedding Procession Route, created by our friend Brittany Watson Jepsen at The House that Lars Built (collaborating with others, I believe?). And oh yes. It is BEAUTIFUL.

3. Entering will bring publicity to all three wondrous entities: Rowley Press, The House that Lars Built, and We Review Utah.

4. You can clue people into hip Royal Wedding souvenirs found here.

5. You might just win an amazing letterpress/glicée print!

Rowley Press

photo courtesy of Leland Rowley, Rowley Press

Seriously, guys, even if you aren't sure that you need a letterpress poster of the Royal Wedding Processional Route, this would make a lovely present, art print for a baby's room/guest room/bathroom, etc.

Did I mention it is beautiful?

Enter here for yourself by commenting with a link to your own blog/tweet/FB status update about the giveaway. Please? Thank you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

We Review Utah

Hello friends and people who we may not know who read our blog!

We need your help. We want this website:


to become huge. You know, popular. Well liked. Followed. Big. Internet famous. All those good things that happen with websites.

Let's make it happen. Blog about We Review Utah, tweet, press the Facebook "like" button on reviews you enjoy, post comments, etc. Be a social networking super star. What's in it for you? There will be giveaways on the website (including one this week, if rumor turns to fact) that you can attempt to win, plus valuable information on places you need to visit (or avoid). It is a good thing. (Even if you don't live in Utah)

Thank you friends and any almost friends!

Easter weekend

We didn't take many photos (maybe 1?) of Simon on Easter Sunday, probably because I was feeling terrible (bout of mastitis) and resting in bed when Simon "found" his Easter basket. Sad.

We had Grandma and Grandpa McClelland visiting from Henderson. Simon enjoyed his grandparents greatly, and we all ate far too many treats and food in general. However, we did spend a lot of time doing yard work, so maybe that makes up for it at least a little bit?



IMG_0883 IMG_0884

Simon also loved this cherry blossom mini-branch from the backyard. So pretty and cute!

IMG_0892 IMG_0895

IMG_0898 IMG_0897

We'll have to take some photos of the yard!

baby bath


Simon much prefers taking baths in the actual tub. We prefer it as well, considering that when he splashes, it doesn't get all over each of us and the floor.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Park Day

Today we went on a fun adventure!


On our little walk we found a small park behind the high school with a swing-set and some other fun playground equipment.

This was very good news for simon, as he's never been on a swing before!
IMG_0049 IMG_0045

What can I say? He's a natural.

This park also was adjacent to two llamas and a bunch of horses. Obviously, we were all very excited. Springville is definitely gorgeous this time of year!

Friday, April 15, 2011

the box

The sewing machine has arrived.

IMG_0784 IMG_0783

I am scared of it.

I have this (ir)rational fear of sewing machines, but I hope this one can work with me, not against me. I'd like to have a good, healthy relationship with you Brother CP-7500.


Kind of like the relationship Simon had with your packaging material...

IMG_0793 IMG_0796

only better.

IMG_0790 IMG_0794

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

whisking along

I had predicted that Simon would like playing with the whisk, especially seeing as babies tend to like playing with things that are not toys usually more than the toys themselves.


He also liked having me give him raspberries and kisses and such. Babies are hams for that sort of thing. But, Simon absolutely loves looking at himself and having photos taken of him. He adores the camera.

IMG_0775 IMG_0779
IMG_0777 IMG_0776
Such a ham.

Monday, April 11, 2011

9 Months

We could all wax poetic on how the baby's been alive as long as he was living in utero, but I think just mentioning it is good enough.

Yes, Simon is now 9 months old.

And now, for the obligatory dessert photos in which Simon tries to grab the dessert and we try to take photos of it all happening (and without letting him destroy the food too much):



IMG_0727 IMG_0731

Happy 3/4 of a year, baby Simon!


Two Heads

My boys are pretty cute and I like them both a lot.


Simon likes his papa, too, especially when it comes to eating his hair.

IMG_0741 IMG_0743

Monster Mash

Simon has been growing out of many of his pj's, so we went out and got some new ones, including these exciting monster jammers!


I think he likes them, but maybe not as much as Jamund and I do.


(Papa's monster face)