Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royally Impressed Giveaway

Yes, that is right. There is a giveaway on We Review Utah right now. You all need to enter. Even if you don't live in Utah. Why? Let me count the ways.

1. It is from Rowley Press, owned by the lovely Leland Rowley, a sincerely nice guy.

2. It is a beautifully illustrated map of the Royal Wedding Procession Route, created by our friend Brittany Watson Jepsen at The House that Lars Built (collaborating with others, I believe?). And oh yes. It is BEAUTIFUL.

3. Entering will bring publicity to all three wondrous entities: Rowley Press, The House that Lars Built, and We Review Utah.

4. You can clue people into hip Royal Wedding souvenirs found here.

5. You might just win an amazing letterpress/glicée print!

Rowley Press

photo courtesy of Leland Rowley, Rowley Press

Seriously, guys, even if you aren't sure that you need a letterpress poster of the Royal Wedding Processional Route, this would make a lovely present, art print for a baby's room/guest room/bathroom, etc.

Did I mention it is beautiful?

Enter here for yourself by commenting with a link to your own blog/tweet/FB status update about the giveaway. Please? Thank you.

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