Friday, April 8, 2011

Just tired.

We've had quite a week.

We are now getting back to normal (meaning only 3, rather than 5, living in the house and things being "clean"), but I think I need a nap!

Simon, I think, isn't on the top of his game... he threw up a monstrous amount of green goop today during lunch (probably a good mix of spinach and potato, breast milk, yogurt, apple sauce, etc.).

Here he is a little while back, looking like he does when he is cute and happy:

IMG_0644 IMG_0645

Anyway, I don't have much energy today, so let's hope Simon takes a good nap and lets me sleep at little bit too!

p.s. We got a healthy tax return, thanks to having a professional do our taxes... so I bought a new sewing machine (and we plan to pay off about 1/4 of Jamund's remaining student loans with the rest)! Here's hoping I can make cute things (like good tops, dresses, pj pants, curtains/drapes for Simon's room, duvet covers, etc.) and not get too frustrated trying...

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