Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haircuts, haircuts

I should probably space out my blog posts instead of doing a bunch all at once.

Oh well.

On Saturday, Jamund and I both got haircuts. It was pretty busy and exciting. Jamund went to Danbury's Barber Shop, and I went to see Patrick at Shep Studio.

Here's what resulted (at least for me, I don't think I have a proper photo of Jamund):

IMG_1149 IMG_1151

Shorter on the back and sides, long on top. As Jamund says, the opposite of a mullet. Although Patrick and I reminisced on how I once paid money for him to give me a mullet. I like this cut better.

IMG_1156 IMG_1155

Little Reader

Simon is a reader.


It's pretty darn cute.


Although many times, the book is upside down. He'll figure it out one day, probably.

Food Habits

The man eats beet greens. And beets.


As well as chard, beans, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, etc.


We have eaten homemade corn dogs:


And pesto made from almonds and carrot tops (among the more usual pesto ingredients):


My goodness, that pesto was so good. Thanks, Jacob's Cove (for the idea and the carrot tops... and bottoms)!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

awkward photos

So, we're not professional photographers by any means.

I just hope the photos aren't blurry.

One time I helped my sister in law (who is a professional photographer) with a wedding, and I got to "follow" the bride walking down to the "aisle" (in quotations because it was an outdoor wedding, although I guess technically she walked down an aisle) with an extra camera. Let's just say, well, yeah. I'm not so good.

Jamund is also not a professional photographer, but maybe we capture "real" life. Yeah, maybe we capture those "real" moments, the unstaged, the awkward. Yeah, that's it. Or we just take crappy photos a lot of the time.... such as:


IMG_0459 IMG_0462


IMG_0495 IMG_0443


Yeah, that is an awkward photo. Baggy t-shirt, inside out skirt, face mask (really)... spray painting. That's us, documenting "real" life. We do what we can.

the sweet life

Yes, it is true. The theme of this year's Art City Days was "Living the Sweet Life." Or maybe it was "Livin' the Sweet Life," because it's much better to be livin' than living, right? At least when it comes to the sweet life?


I don't even know. I'm tired and want some food.

Anyway, we went to the carnival multiple times, seeing as it was really close to our house. I think we could even see our house from the food area (where we spent much of our time at the carnival).


Not that it matters now, but the Belgian waffles were probably the best. And La Carreta had some good food too. Jamund may or may not have gotten sick from the taco stand. We're not so sure.

We also love the fact that we probably have one of the best views (house location wise) for the fireworks. People were sitting on our lawn, it was that good. We even paused our movie and went outside in our jammies to watch. The sweet life, we're living it... I mean livin'.

Monday, June 13, 2011

11 months

Yes. Simon is roughly one month away from counting his age in years.

It's getting harder to take good dessert photos each month, plus we kind of forgot about that this month... so we had just come home from getting (and eating) "cupshakes" (cupcake + ice cream) at the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo... and we improvised.


The spoons represent "11." That works, right?

Also, you can see that we are attempting to feed Simon "real" solid foods for dinner (plus his cereal). We hurriedly went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy (before cleaning up his huge mess of dinner), and the mess remained for this photo. Dinner for Simon that night included quinoa and greens, plus some cheese, I think.

IMG_1115 IMG_1113

Simon enjoys eating the greens raw, actually.

IMG_1107 IMG_1109

He's pretty much a ham.

IMG_1104 IMG_1103

Just because

...we have a baby and we think silly things like him trying to use a spoon are cute.

IMG_1100 IMG_1096

Cute? Maybe?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lion in the Simon's Den

With Simon's increasing mobility, we have made at least one change: the craft room is now mostly his play room. I moved out various paper, cutting tools, wrapping paper, art supplies, etc. to make a more baby-friendly space for him to roll around, sit up, stand, and generally play in.


He seems to be more interested in the books than the Noah's ark, which I guess is good. He loves the books, although occasionally he does take an interest in the Noah's ark animals.

IMG_1081 IMG_1082


Thursday, June 2, 2011


We have been pretty sick the last week or so. I started feeling it last Wednesday morning, and my nose is still runny and I don't feel 100%. Jamund was sick for the whole holiday weekend as well, and Simon got sick on the weekend and is still oozing snot. And teething. Poor baby.


Other than that, we survive! We've been watching movies, eating take out, playing games, resting, watering the garden, sitting on the grass outside, going on some drives, etc. I'm trying not to go out in the wide world too much so we don't infect others or worsen our own "health."

Hopefully we won't miss too much of the small window of spring in Utah...!