Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...and he measures his age in year(s)!

I just think it's so wonderful that Simon and I both celebrated our first birthdays at the same place, perhaps even on the same deck! (I don't think it's been redone yet, maybe?). Epic.


I made this cake from a cookbook that Jamund's sister gave us called "Feeding the Whole Family." The frosting for Simon's cake also came from the book. We would've frosted the entire grown up cake with it too, but I ran out and had to improvise. Anyway, Simon's cake/frosting didn't have any sugar in it (our improvised frosting did, however) and was full of lots of "good stuff" that I didn't mind Simon eating.

He was excited.


I also wanted to make an American Flag cake (found via Young House Love blog), so Jamund recommended I combine the birthday cake with the flag cake. The way the cake was constructed actually lent itself nicely to having a "baby" cake for Simon.

Here's what I mean by American Flag Cake:


Ours didn't quite have vibrant American flag colors. This could be because I didn't use enough food coloring or because millet was a prominent ingredient in the batter. Each slice did, luckily, sort of look like a flag. Regardless, Simon got to demolish/throw it on the floor.


He also semi-enjoyed opening-presents-slash-eating-the-wrapping-paper-and-or-gifts.




Happy birthday, Simon!

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