Friday, July 22, 2011

And we came home

So, the drive back to Utah took so long. We left between 8 and 9 am California time and got to our house around midnight (?) Utah time. Holy moley.

We decided to go through Sacramento rather than redrive Ebbetts Pass, which was probably a mistake. That added some time to our journey. We also had to stop the following times:

1. Around Angel's Camp for gas

2. Before Truckee to breastfeed Simon, etc.

3. Reno/Sparks for lunch (where my phone fell out of the car and proceeded to not revive until getting plugged into a computer at home. Thanks for the suspense, phone) and gas

4. Winnemuca to get some milk for Simon (we're in the process of weaning)

5. Elko for dinner and gas

6. Wells (I think) to breastfeed Simon for "bed"

7. Rest stop (in Utah maybe?) to switch drivers/bathroom break

8. American Fork to get some milk and other groceries for Sunday, etc.

...and home.

It was kind of brutally long, but it was nice to get home and sleep in our own bed!

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