Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Columbia, Ghost Town

Despite my feeling ill, we had a relatively good time in Columbia—a ghost town/historic state park. Okay, and we had high expectations for lunch and they were shattered by mediocrity. Oh, and we neglected to change Simon's diaper for a long time and he leaked some pee through and unto the floor in Nelson's Candy Kitchen shop.

Other than that, it was a relatively good time.

We went on the stagecoach and met with a dirty rotten thief (always the highlight of the stagecoach ride).


We fed some chickens.

Here they are. They look kind of like zebra chickens, yes?

We browsed. We ate some lunch and got some candy (as mentioned above). We drank sarsaparilla and cherry sodas. And we left.

I think it will be better when Simon is older, when we remember to change his diaper earlier (maybe it will be best when he doesn't have to wear diapers at all?), when I'm not feeling gross, and when the restaurant doesn't have flies. The candy, though. Oh man, white chocolate almond bark I love you.

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