Friday, July 22, 2011

Day of Birth

I, like baby (not so much baby?) Simon, had a birthday while at the Cabin.
(initially I thought that might be a rendering of me and I was a little concerned, but I was told it is actually Harry Potter, note the scar that I somehow missed at first?)

My mom and nieces babysat Simon while Jamund and I went to lunch at a most delicious (seriously, so delicious) restaurant and favorite of mine in Murphys called Grounds. Oh, how can a chicken sandwich taste so good?!

We then got some candy and I tried on (but didn't buy) some shoes before heading to Angel's Camp to see the final Harry Potter (which came out on my birthday).

We were afraid there would be a long line, but no, it was Angel's Camp after all. We therefore had time to walk around, sit for a few minutes on a bench, go back, get some candy, and then head into the theater. We got lovely seats since the theater was pretty sparse. It was awesome: the theater status and the movie itself.

We picked up some ice cream and then headed back to the cabin for a pasta dinner and my baumtorte. Oh man, the baumtorte. Despite some grievances with hard almond paste/marzipan, it tasted (and still tastes) so good. So time consuming and expensive, but so good (if you check out the recipe link, we left the rum out of the topping and it still worked and tasted lovely).

All in all, a nice day to get a year older.

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