Monday, July 4, 2011

Hurt and sad

One last one for today. I'm going to try to "schedule" a post to come out tomorrow or Wednesday... we'll see how that goes.

On Friday, I had a traumatic experience involving an inexpensive (cheap) kitchen table chair.

Sparing the details, it decided not to perform its proper purpose, leaving me on the floor, shocked and surprised. And hurt.

I cried, not only because it hurt and I was shocked and surprised but also to see what Simon would do. Is that a horrible experiment? But really, I did hurt my bum, so I think crying was in order.

Here is what happened, mascara tears and all.

IMG_1171 IMG_1170

Yes, Simon had a break down as well. He was crying and sounding like he was choking on his food at times (it was during lunch), and I couldn't really help him because I was still on the floor. It was rough.

Jamund came home from work shortly thereafter to take care of us. I spent most of the afternoon on the bed watching shows on hulu with an ice pack or two before we ventured out to do some errands and get dinner (Mountain West Burrito). While eating, we saw the guy who cuts my hair (and I was wearing the same shirt that he commented on when he cut my hair a few days previous... I had washed it since that point, but I still felt lame wearing the same shirt).

Anyway, it was kind of embarrassing (since I, of course, brought up the fact that it was the same shirt), and then Simon spilled water all over the table and floor while he was talking to us. It was not a very good day.

But at least I got to be embarrassed and hurt in a good shirt, I guess.

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  1. You both look SO sad!! I'm so sorry...bad chair!!!