Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Journey to Arnold

We went on a vacation! To the Cabin!

It was lovely to be around big trees, peace and quiet, etc. We didn't have cell phone service at the Cabin and only had Internet at the lodge or other places offering wireless connection. It was actually really great.

I read books. We went swimming. We played tennis. We went on walks. We ate good foods. We watched movies and played games. We celebrated birthdays. I miss it.

Since we have a great many photos, I will split up the trip pictures into multiple posts.

Today will document the journey there.

We began with dinner at Jake's Brookside in Springville: slow slow slow service, but pretty good fries.

We drove to someplace near the edge of Utah to feed Simon for "bed" (we left on a Thursday afternoon):

We got to Elko and spent the night. It was not fun, and we did not sleep well (look at those lips!).

The next day we drove I-80 to Reno and continued on to California via Ebbetts Pass... which is a difficult drive on a curvy, mountainous (and lovely), not very wide (but still open for two way traffic) road. Add that to the fact that it was the Markleeville Death Race (bicycling) the next day (so there were bikers on the road too), and we had one stressful drive.

But we made it!

The view from the Cabin deck:

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