Tuesday, August 30, 2011

darn squash.

So Gap had a 50% off women's stuff sale on Saturday. I bought 4 shirts. I wore this nice purple one on Sunday and that afternoon/evening I went out into the garden to harvest some squash and peppers.

That night I noticed some stains on the shirt. I suspect I got some squash sap from the stem(s) on the shirt (I carried them in holding the basket/squash against my chest). Blast!

So far I have used: at least 2 regular stain removers (?), Goo be gone (or whatever it's called in that little bottle), hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, olive oil, dish soap, and currently the stained area is soaking in vinegar. I'm hoping the vinegar does the trick, but next up is another stain remover for set-in stains and then WD-40. Really.

Look up removing tree sap from clothes, it's kind of wild. Alcohol? WD-40? Mayo? I guess it's not really tree sap, but it is nasty and does not want to remove itself from the fibers (rayon) of my shirt.

Any ideas?

It's possible I've already spent more than I bought the darn shirt for trying to get the stain out (between the remedies, detergent, and water/energy for the washing machine)! Luckily it wasn't very expensive. But still.

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  1. Is the stain already dried in (i.e. did you send the top through the dryer?) because if not, try Tech. Hard to find but I have some here at my house if you want to try it (like you want to drive this far!). Also - I often use a combo of Shout Advanced with Oxy Clean stain remover spray gel over the top of it. I'll let it sit for a day or two before washing and then do it all over again. Sometimes things take a few applications but it often works...

    P.S. I don't know why but your blog won't accept my comments with my normal blogger i.d. Any ideas on what's up with that?