Tuesday, August 30, 2011

we do stuff

We've had a busy month: grandparents here, Tina (my sister) and her family moving up to Utah, general work busy-ness for Jamund, the garden being crazy, and me getting a new calling at church. I'm the new Primary President (Primary is where the kids go during the last roughly two hours of church) so I'm basically "in charge" of ages 18 months (although they go to nursery, so I don't technically have to worry about them too much, but nursery is under the general umbrella of Primary) to 12 years old.


Jamund gets to be in charge of Simon at church (except during Sacrament meeting where we both get to watch him, unless he crawls under the seats and someone nice takes care of him, as happened this Sunday for a wonderful few minutes).

Oh, we cut Simon's hair last week too. This photo was taken before that, though.


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