Thursday, September 1, 2011

quite appropriate

When my parents were here, Jamund and I had a date night to La Jolla Groves for dinner and then up to Sundance to see "The Sound of Music" outside.


It was pretty good, pretty cold, pretty uncomfortable seating... We sat on the grass at first but then Jamund's boss and his wife (who were also there) told us there were open seats in the actual seating area by the stage right in front of them, so we sat there after intermission.

After Maria and the Von Trapps finished the show by "walking off into the mountains" to escape the Nazis, we also got to walk off into the mountains to go to our car. It was funny to see tons of us walking up this path into the depths of Sundance to get to the parking lot. Very appropriate after seeing "Sound of Music."

Before the show, we took some photos. Simon lately started making this disdainful frowning face at most people (usually strangers but sometimes me, apparently if I'm doing something disdainful?), so we decided to impersonate him:


Then I thought we were still impersonating him, but apparently we were not.


I figured it out eventually.


I think Jamund has at least one photo of Simon doing the frowning face on his phone, so I'll try to remember and post one later. It's pretty ridiculous.

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