Tuesday, November 15, 2011

so yeah

I could apologize for not blogging for over a month, but ah well. It happened. Let's move on.

I'm tired, it's cold, the little man is only taking one nap a day (unless he is wonderful on Sundays and naps a bit before church)... life got hard. Not too hard, but harder than when he took two naps! And harder because he now walks, climbs, throws things, makes messes, bangs me on the head, etc. But he also is saying "peas" (please) and "tay tou" (or something like that for "thank you"). Sometimes. We're working on it.

Right now he is getting into some CD cases while wearing a yellow mixing bowl on his head as a hat.

He loves hats. And maybe even more than hats, things that are not actually hats but can become ones (mixing bowls, containers, etc.).

Such as:


Don't judge us.

In other news, I may or may not have watched the new "Hunger Games" trailer 5 times yesterday (after rereading all the books over the past few weeks). We also have a small mouse somewhere in the house (?). It was under our/in our bed last time it was spotted on Sunday night. Comforting, right?

Someday I will post about: Halloween (Baby-braham Lincoln), going to the aquarium, the new library, life in general... Get excited, people. Get excited.


  1. When Gracie gave up her morning nap I was devastated. BUT now I'm excited for Charlie to give up his because there are tons of things I'd like to be doing in the morning that I can't because he is napping. Find a playgroup and start doing your shopping in the morning when everyone is bright and perky--no morning nap can be nice! :)

  2. SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! I've missed your posts. Simon is cute as ever - and sure growing up!

  3. Wow, I must have visited your blog 100 times to see an update :( Glad to see you're back. Can't wait for the SimonMan to visit Las Vegas and take him out on the golf cart !! It'll be great to see you too, but .......