Thursday, December 8, 2011

Skinny Jeans

Yesterday I read some articles/comments (one such here)regarding the BYU-Idaho kerfuffle on "skinny jeans."

Jamund and I discussed said kerfuffle and came to some conclusions, which may or may not be controversial to you readers (on either end of the opinion spectrum) and which may or may not prove evidence to the fact that we are "old" and grown up and more conservative than we were in the past.

Anyway, some conclusions.

I think kids are missing the point here. The point, to me, is modesty, not how many rules BYU-I can impose on a student's wardrobe.

In my opinion, you could be wearing clothing head to toe and still be immodest, say, if your clothes are skin tight/see-through, etc. I think this is what the "anti-skinny jeans" measure is really getting at.

It makes me sad that LDS (or any, really) girls or guys want to wear skin tight pants (or shirts, etc.). Why? Well, they really don't look good on most people, and it's just awkward and often leads Jamund and I, at least, to cringe and/or make catty remarks (we're catty, it's a bad habit).

Also, it's really not all that modest, guys. It's just not. Sure, you're wearing clothes and your rear end isn't exposed to the world in all its glory.... but it is in a good deal of its glory, and it's not all that glorious in most cases, let's be frank. (This goes for leggings when worn without a dress or loose shirt that goes to one's knees as well, in my opinion. Leggings are worse, though, because they are sometimes a bit see-through too.)

Wear some proper pants that actually fit and look good on you! Be modest. Modesty does not have to equal ugly, either, which makes me recall the point that skinny jeans DO NOT LOOK GOOD OR ATTRACTIVE on MOST people. Thank you.

So, good for BYU-I for banning/not banning (it still seems unclear to me as to what exactly is/was the consensus) skinny jeans. They don't want their students to look like sweet hoes (ho's?)? They want them to avoid "form fitting" clothes? They want them to try to look their best? Good for them. I agree.

....So does this make me ready to have teenagers?

p.s. Just so you know that our family has its own fashion difficulties and doesn't claim perfection... behold Simon in his winter-going with the parents to vote-attire:

IMG_1210 IMG_1217

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